Risk management for sellers

My friend Ted sells the marine truck. He and his boss recently went to a port to close the big deal. Ted looked around at the harbor and told the customer: "I will not sell this elevator." Both Ted's boss and his client were astonished. He followed, "You would really increase your business if you had two elevators, one on the front and one on the back." Ted took a risk, rather risked it and did not run away from it, and finally sold two forklifts that day.

Risk management is a systematic approach to minimize the risk exposure of an organization. The risk management system involves different policies, procedures and practices (such as insurance) that work equally to identify, analyze, evaluate, manage and monitor risks.

The risk we all have with us. Virtually all of our decisions we make every day weigh the alternatives and their possible consequences. Should we accept this business? Does this seller have a business relationship year after year? What are the implications of making this phone call tomorrow?

In leasing, as in life, we take risks every day. However, the task of the sales office is to refuse, miss, and humiliate to gain success, safety, comfort, and adventure.

Knowledge, Skills, and Motivation are three components of a successful vendor. It may be that the knowledge of every lease is in the world, but if you do not take the risk and come out and apply these skills with targeted actions, it will not help the client, yourself or the industry. Sellers need to talk to strangers asking them what they want. Many sellers feel excited about the unknown. These goals are motivated by the challenge. When they reach their goal, their own image is further intensified. There is, however, another group that wants to hide it. They fear a chance. They do not want any faces with the client, they are more secure behind the voicemail and the email. This can easily be done in an upward economy, just for low hanging fruit. But when time is tough, sellers can not hide it. They have to go out of their zone of necessity and have to find opportunities, this is a risky business.

The concept of insanity does the same thing over and over again and expects another result. Get out of crazy! If you continue researching the same way and you do not get the results you want, it's time to take risks and make changes. Go down the path. Let's face ourselves to meet the unexpected, meet new people and get the creative lice. Obviously, I'm not talking about reckless behavior such as wiretapping or unscrupulous or destructive behavior. I suggest you do something else that makes your heart a little faster and increases your sales. I think that man has a risk meter that is within a certain range. You do not have to go over the meter or you're taking extraordinary risks of getting more sales. Just give yourself up and handle a challenge that forces you to unfamiliar areas.

Sometimes we do not take a chance because we are afraid of failures – but to make more success, we are willing to accept more mistakes. Choose a risk you want to take for a while and just do it. Do not plan anymore, do not think or analyze the process. Just take the risk for risk taking

When we're doing something scary, the end result is less important than doing the things you need to develop courage that help you in every area of ​​your life. What risk should you take to help your sales career? It may be: ask the deleted lessee to meet the coffee. Make a meeting with the boss to talk about a promotion or raise. Increase your prices to a level that respects your value. Set the date of the desired workshop. Share creative dreams with others (supporters only!). Ask the lessee about gears. Increase the size of the average transaction. Make a marketing overshadow in your area. Cold call the entire building (even if you do not fancy). You do not want to collect information. Join a laughing club. (This is dangerous because people may think you're crazy but good for your well being.) Take a chance at golfing. Start a blog. Development of marketing strategy. Make a video about the benefits of leasing. Call a new industry. They offer a common incentive with a new supplier. Send a text message to a prospect. Try a new closing question: "Is there anything else we need before we start submitting the apps?" – Are you dealing with something to deal with? Take a risk and turn the skeptics into a believer. Provide them with the loss of information to cast doubt on their own convictions and change their minds themselves.

Imagine. Before coming out of bed thinking in the morning, how would you like to go to the sun? Imagine creating good relationships with your customers and imagining big business yourself. You have so much energy in your imagination. Too many people take up this power and use themselves with the worst idea. They say, "What if I lose my job?" – What if the economy this year? – What if we lose the house? To break this pattern whenever you ever find yourself, ask a "What if?" question, make it positive. What if I am the highest sales representative? What if the economy starts? What if I do well that I can pay my mortgage? Do you have a website called "What If Up Club"? http://whatifup.com/

Ask the question: "What if everything is OK? You may be very attached to your daily routine, which is normal: how to get out of your daily routine to try a small calculated risk and pay once you feel good about yourself and your job, and then willing to take a smaller risk next time.

Remember, the novelty is an incentive and from time to time something good for you. a moment to the next question: "What kind of thing do you think a little bit about persisting if you're afraid? "Then use this article as a catalyst for action and face your fear if your friend Ted can sell a piece of sales he advises you to say he's okay and risking, there is no guarantee that everything will be clear, just as you'd like, but there is a guarantee that you can not do this if you're afraid that you can even take the chance. "Nothing ventured, won nothing," is not just a good old saying, it's wisdom, listen to it. "[19659012]

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