Risk management in cloud service contracts

In addition to any new technology development, companies using new technologies use not only the benefits of these systems but also the risks involved. Recently, companies have begun investing in cloud-based systems by which these organizations pass on their data to service providers and eliminate the need for servers and networks. Finally, all these companies remain with the contract with the service provider, this document and its creation are extremely important and understandably represent many risk management factors. When such a contract is created, taking into account the importance of company data organization, those responsible are keen to make sure that some specific points are highlighted and that these contracts are signed.

Earlier in cloud computing, when most of the users were small businesses and individual consumers more often than not, these all important contracts not only contain an on-line format that needs to be read and clicked on a button. Nevertheless, most of these contracts contained clauses that could be changed by the service provider at any time. This is not what companies should ever involve. Instead, start an upright contract that requires both parties to approve it before making any changes.

While it is generally unlawful that users have the opportunity to negotiate, they have the opportunity to be available, companies must make a clause that ensures minimum functionality and standards are maintained.

It is imperative that companies ensure that these contracts do not include a clause that would allow your service provider to terminate the service without prior notice or approval.

Contrary to the previous point, while the provider is usually responsible for system upgrading and / or removal of certain features, companies should strive to ensure that when these settings collide with the company, the company has the right to terminate the contract without consequence .

If your company sees these services as necessary, you need to ensure that the contract requires that you have the right amount of time to remove data from your service providers so your service provider is ready to support this process.

While many service providers are less likely to use other providers, companies need to see their contract defines privacy rules and ensure that company data remains on the servers of these companies. Similar provisions should be made to deal with issues of mergers and acquisitions, as these changes may contain compliance for the company.

As a consumer, companies must ensure that they retain the right to hire independent experts for the cloud service provider. This is twice as important due to the recent increased implementation of SEC policies, which would provide third party partners and organizations with the right corporate governance.

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