Risk management in different light

Regardless of your risk of having crisis prevention on a Friday or an organization, every person, organization, and event has risk management. Risk management can be defined by defining risk assessment and assessment as well as procedures for avoiding or minimizing impacts. Risk management, as a committee, is generally thought of as something in a company or a business, but sometimes it is not always the case.

There is Greek life at West Florida University. In this Greek life I am in the Senate of Alpha Delta Pi. Alpha Delta Pi is very serious about risk management for nurses and their safety. There is a committee that is trustworthy, responsible, respectful and trustworthy. These nurses are those who look after the security of the chapter, just like any other organization has a team to explore the security of their company.

In the Operational Book of Alpha Delta Pi, he states that "The purpose of this committee is to follow Alpha Delta Pi's international policies and procedures, as well as university, local, state and federal laws, in order to: minimize the risk of negative consequences as a result of the chapter or the actions of individual members. "[19659002] Let's put it into three categories:

1.State and federal laws

• In Florida and the United States, the legal drinking age is 21 years.

• Younger than 21 years of age are involved in alcohol consumption by minors and the risk management of Alpha Delta Pi.

2. Campus laws

• Students staying in the university must comply with state and federal laws (see above).

• University of West Florida is a semi-dry campus. Wine and beer are allowed at the University's premises, but anything else, such as hard-to-reach, is prohibited unless served by a licensed distributor.

3.Alpha Delta Pi International Policies and Procedures

• During social events, Alpha Delta Pi can not give alcohol to those present.
• Nevertheless, alcohol can be present and can be served, but through a licensed trader and only as a cash bar, making individuals pay their own alcohol.

• If you are present at an event at a time, delivery must be provided to the event venue and the event.

• External alcohol is not allowed for the event.

• Hire police at the time of the event for security purposes.

• Any event such as recruiting, philanthropist, or brotherhood events will not allow alcohol.

• All age groups who are involved in an alcohol use must have a valid ID and must be assuredly assured by the insured with a wrist.

A good risk management program helps to protect solidarity as a whole of its members and assets by limiting liability and insurance to cover liabilities. Risk management is not just for large corporations, but for any organization.

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