Risk Management – Optional potential subcontractors

Risk management for the highest level of project is complex enough, but if it comes to accessing external companies, it will be even more so.

From the receipt of a call for proposals from a potential buyer, the steps required to address the risk of supplier selection are as follows.

The project leader must review all technical documentation received from the client. After the decision of the project team that certain items have to be subcontracted, the technical manager must either write or represent a written statement specifying the technical requirements for each subcontracting item that is the Subcontracting Call for Proposals.

In addition, the other project team members should review their fields of expertise (quality assurance, configuration management, etc.) and specify their own specifications for the subcontractor's call for proposals.

Each batch for subcontracting requires a procurement package. This includes all documents which depend on the complexity of the item in question, but at least the aforementioned technical specifications.

To start the risk management process, all documents in the application package must be reviewed. This includes at least one person in the same discipline that is related to the requirements of the client and the subcontractor specification to ensure that they have left nothing.

Next, a list of potential suppliers is prepared for each supply. Ideally, at least three companies should be able to meet the technical requirements for each item, preferably at first instance, to minimize risk reduction. This list will then be reduced to a manageable number (the ideal three) by reviewing potential subcontractors as follows.

Quality and Reliability of Shipping Products

– Delivery Deadline

– Compliance Documentation

– Personnel Attitude, Flexibility and Collaboration

19659002] – Simplifying Contract Completion

– Pricing Policy [19659002] – Customer Service, including Warranty

Companies that have not delivered goods in the past

– Reputation on the Market

– Quality Assurance Certification

– Financial Stability

This list is not exhaustive, but it contains the most important areas to be considered. The best way to review the above is to prioritize each one, to develop a scoring mechanism, to create a grid that all members of the review team must complete and calculate the numbers. This method is not foolproof, but it is as close as possible.

At this stage, project risk has been reduced as the best subcontractors were selected for subcontracting.

Alternatively, the selection process shows that only one supplier can meet the requirements. This requires a rather different treatment and will be the subject of a future article.

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