Risk management program for your protection

Every aspect of life requires security elements. Places like instances such as schools and offices are specifically designed to accommodate users and create a safe and functional flow. Sports events require on-site paramedics. Transport systems, even theatrical acts and entertainment parks, have a certain health risk plan.

Risk management is a description of the system, identification of inherent hazards, analysis of potential risks and control of risks. By using risk management, we can not worry about our day without worrying about love or love being in danger.

In the past 20 years, the Instant Assistant is one of the most reliable national and international medical risk assessment and control providers. The services offered are tailor-made to your needs.

Below is a brief list of service offerings:

  • Medical Risk Planning – includes the creation of a plan that covers the general business system. Customers' staffs come under test programs such as vaccination or immunization or drug and alcohol testing, prepare appropriate escape plans and protocols, offer new technology system recommendations, and much more. The risk design is designed to outweigh the potential risks, take action, and establish procedures in the worst case scenario. In addition to planning, training is required to ensure that the security procedures implemented work properly without disturbing the workflow.
  • Medical Staff – Experienced in emergency situations and trauma cases. The immediate assistant's medical staff deals with doctors, nurses, paramedics, ambulance services and physiotherapists.
  • Medical and Rescue Equipment – both for sale and for rent. With a detailed description of the situation, medical staff can recommend and create the latest tools and medicines for you.
  • Emergency health care packages
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Emergency medical supplies
  • Airline evacuation equipment
  • land areas. Immediate assistants provide special services in remote areas. The medical team can easily coordinate each other to create medical facilities, lifeboats, helicopters and evacuation sites.

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