Risk Taken, Avoiding Risks and Risk Management

Only a few years ago, my business approach was very close to avoiding the risks. I did not want to risk it, not at all.
I've been spending more time in the last few years than ever with risk takers. Talking and meeting with these people and continuing to be extremely exciting. During the conversation, I realized that despite some of my previous estimates, some of the entrepreneurial activity is in there. In fact, it is not necessary to cultivate an ounce, but a seed and all seeds. I have always focused on this and for my energy and time I have guided this.
One of the key skills I've found is risk management. By avoiding this risk, I will pay close attention to identifying the risks for so long. The difference here is that I want to take risks.
Risk Incentive and Challenging. It nourishes such uncertainty that leads to challenges again. I see more and more: risk taking is an absolute necessity in today's world. Too many people are in competition with you. They are not only in their geographic position, they are global. of course, you can profit in the same way as gambling. Few people want to risk it.
[c] The role of risk manager will be key to every organization from going to global level. However, this is not a traditional risk management role. This is about literal translation – about risk management. Obviously, this means that, as far as possible, they must take risks and mitigate them, and be closely monitored where they do not. For me, there is little or no better environment if you work differently. Take risks, move quickly, get up faster when we fall off and not jump over the same banana shell for a second. We all need to take risks in the future when we are increasingly globalizing. We will work with people we have not met in countries where we have not been. What I really like about this upcoming change is that the traditional project management and program management – which I have been dealing with for years – is changing drastically.
The management style should be more innovative and more creative than the direct result of the financing of projects and will be boundless. Real project managers must meet the basic needs of team building (search and selection, if you like) and collaboration. Online communities will enjoy communities, communities in practice, project-level communities, customer-oriented communities, etc. We are looking forward to working with entrepreneurs and teams in this new environment, not everyone will feel the same.

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