SAP Strategic Corporate Governance Software Review

SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SSEM) provides an integrated solution for organization, planning, implementation, and process control. SAP Strategic Corporate Management is the next-generation solution that extends these integration principles and supports strategic management processes such as risk management, strategic planning and performance monitoring, clarification of the communication system, and so on. together with existing business implementation systems, is compatible with the extensive financial background.

SSEM contains two strategies. Fist is a continuous tracking of performance levels with feedback from business implementation systems, and the second is setting strategy through KPIs and new goals to the management's operational level. Sap's strategic corporate management makes it easy to implement fresh solutions quickly.

SSEM consists mainly of five application components. These are:

1. Business planning and simulation

2. Business consolidation

3. Business information collection

4. Enterprise Performance Monitor


Business Planning and Simulation

Sap Strategic Corporate Governance supports performance management, enabling future-focused enterprise management.

All of the above components allow you to analyze, manage, and query complexes and multidimensional data. and active management according to stakeholder expectations. SAP has made strategic business management simulations and a comprehensive analysis without the need for excessive time and effort. With specific operational problems and strategic planning, SAP special features and tools develop dynamic simulations. Simulating the complex relationship between the market, businesses and competitors is already possible with SAP.

Business Consolidation

Business consolidation is one of the application components that falls under SAP's strategic business management. Provides full functionality for the legally required consolidation of a given company. Although it allows us to implement management consolidations based on organizational units and specific hierarchy

Business Information Collection

This component provides us with detailed business information gathering. SAP automates the collection of structured data. The newly introduced feature of SSEM is the web editorial desktop that allows you to gather relevant information

Corporate Performance Monitor

This component provides full performance of the most important performance. Keeping track of performance levels with feedback from business implementation systems

Managing relationships between stakeholders

The long-term success of your business is deeply dependent on a strong and intact relationship between the different stakeholders. And this is one of the most important components of SAP's strategic corporate governance.

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