Scottish ice cream is beyond comparison

Scotsman is a very well-known name in the restaurant industry. They provide one of the best ice systems and the manufactured ice balls are of the highest quality. But what is it that will rid the Scotsman Ice Flaker of the others?

Before discussing the benefits of the Scottish Ice Flaker owner, let's first look at what the Icebreaker is. Ice balls, also called flakes machines, produce a soft, slowly melting, versatile ice type. This frozen ice can be used for drinks such as cold drinks, cocktails and other mixed drinks. They are also suitable for ice showers, such as sushi or frozen desserts.

The members of the Scotsman range are modular glittering ice-makers. These are popular kitchen utensils for their modular design. They can fit virtually any small space on the floor. Thus, they do not take up the counter space, on the contrary, conveniently placed under the counter. The modular spark plug beams have been manufactured with more than 120 kg to 2500 kg ice packing capacity depending on the model. So there are models that are suitable for any type of restaurant or bar. If you have a busy bar or nightclub, it is an ideal solution to choose a 2500 kg icebreaker model to meet your demand. It would embarrass you to run out of ice before the end of the night and disappoint your customers.

All Skotsman Modular Ignition Stations are made with constant water supply, storage capacity and floor drainage system. The water supply runs during the production of ice buckets and is paused when the machine has produced maximum capacity and filled the storage tank. The floor drainage system is suitable for cleaning the machine, as it does not have to be manually cleaned and discarded liquid in trays or buckets. It is simply empty like any other cabinet.

Scottish ice systems are quality products that use energy-saving devices to ensure that a product meets the needs of ice making and is reliable. Modular glittering ice-makers are powerful machines that make life of every catering or bar owner a lot easier and more comfortable.

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