Secrets to Customer Relationships to the Travel and Hospitality Industry – The 9 Principles for Success

If you want to find out how to get your customers to sell to you through exceptional customer service, read it. Learn these simple, yet powerful, customer service principles from successful tourism professionals, apply them to your business or career, and guarantee you will succeed

1. Be Good Student – Most importantly, listen to your customers' concerns and complaints and their praise. Find out what they want. Its guests are the best source of information for evaluating services and performance. Well-written guest reviews are invaluable in getting feedback, recommendations, and referrals. Help your prospects before you sign up. Make sure you understand the rigor, responsibilities, and dangers as well as the amount of effort your experience is following

. Exceed Expectations – Under promise and overpayment on a consistent basis with exceptional service. This is what they will remember and communicate with their friends. It's amazing how impressive the little details can be. You are working hard and spending a lot of money to call your office with quality prospects or send an email. What professional, informative and timely answer is yours? This first connection can adjust the sound and can significantly affect your purchase decision

. Practical Security – Customers want to know that the destination and activities are safe. Real or perceived risks are easier to feel when they have been trained in their new activities or environments. Unfortunately, if most people are not concerned about fear or worry, their minds are stinging, not flowers. Advice on plant, animal and natural resources precautions. Let them know that there is usually nothing to worry about when they respect the environment and watch their advice. You are short on your security procedures for any excursion where staff do not have a home.

4th Give Great Foods – Guests need to have good food, never have to be hungry and have adequate water and beverages. Fresh dishes that serve abundant portions at the scheduled time make any adventure more memorable and more satisfying. If the meal is delayed, a small snack is provided to the guests.

5th Satisfaction of sleeping needs – Guests need and want to have comfortable and relaxed sleep. Make sure everybody is comfortable getting your bedding. Enjoy individualized accommodation with single occupancy. Uploading extra cost is fine. Have a good access to the bathrooms with night-time security procedures. Separate late-night social areas from sleeping places to distance and / or trees or hill. The earplugs are delivered if necessary.

6th Think Comfort – Give world first level if possible. Bath breaks and bathing are important regularly. Give you all the options for comfort: hammocks, beach chairs, portable toilets, whatever you can offer. Never go too far between bathing breaks. Some guests have poor bladder and need more frequent breaks to make them more comfortable and relaxed. Make sure everyone has proper water and clothing and footwear.

7th Be Sensitive to Your Skills – Never exceed the physical or mental capacity of the guests. Always ask groups and individuals to ask for activity and effort before and after activity. Let's be sensitive to the slowest and the strongest in the group. The division of the group into two small groups is a good opportunity. Relax as needed. I believe in a travel qualification or difficulty system that allows guests and architects to jointly participate in choosing the most suitable travel

. Be entertaining – Be friendly, helpful, polite and entertaining! Make sure your staff is there for you and not for yourself. Good storytellers, hunters and musicians distinguish their staff and companies from other companies. Be sensitive to humor and families with children. If you are visiting children, hire staff who love kids. Guests sometimes need incentives or guidance to try to get the job done. You are the guide and the director of the activity together. Discuss the activities or mini- classes in advance to let the guests know what is happening and when

9. Provide information – An informed guest is safer and more relaxed and far more entertaining. Our guests are trained and want to get to know their new environment. Suppose the guests know little or nothing about their environment. Find ways to enter at least three details of each type of surrounding items whenever you are on a trip. Be prepared to talk about plants, animals, birds, trees, rocks, geological formations, fish, marine mammals and shells. Provide information on local culture, economy, and history. The more we share, the more value we give our guests.

As other businesses I know and work together, you can experience repeating customers and referral when applying these great customer service features. Your business will flourish in time as never before!

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