Selection of catering equipment

Choosing the right restaurant catering equipment for all time is important but especially difficult in economic times. The key to success is the supply of catering equipment for restaurants, which is guaranteed both in terms of price and performance. Equipment in the restaurant or other catering facility includes grids, nets, special combi ovens, refrigerators, freezers and commercial dishwashers or screen washers. If you set a coffee bar, a bar or a restaurant out of nowhere, you will need reasonable costs, so the wisdom of the appliance is indispensable. That old saying, "What you get what you pay" is very suitable for such circumstances; if we are able to acquire the best quality, taking into account our own needs.

To get to know the basics, you should take into account the main restaurants in the restaurant. The kitchen is basically divided into three functions: storage (eg refrigerator, freezers, cabinets), preparation / cooking (counters, stoves, ovens, etc.) and cleaning / washing (commercial dishwashers and washers).

There is a huge choice on ovens, pans, pods and other cooking appliances. Likewise, commercial dishwashers are available in many different models and price ranges. This depends on the type of site you are in and the intended customer transfer. In traditional fish and chip stores, extremely efficient and high-temperature frozen ovens or container cookers, hot plates or Bain Marie baking forms are required to maintain the cooked food temperature. However, this facility can often be taken away, ie food and beverages are served in disposable containers and plastic cutlery. Therefore, a commercial dishwasher or washing machine can also have limited benefits. Pubs, clubs and bars (drinks, but limited quantities of food) use a large amount of glassware in a short time, so quick-action washer can be more suitable for a heavy industrial dishwasher. Screen washers have very fast washing and drying cycles, including fast changeover. They are more compact than industrial dishwashers, so they are valuable in places where space is a premium. Gas or electric kettles in smaller kitchens such as bistros and "gastronomic taverns", as well as space-saving warm and room cabinets.

Increasing popularity of restaurant trade is "refrigerators", high heat grilling systems and combined steamers and ovens, which are also known as "combined" ovens. They are very versatile and not just banquet but small and medium sized restaurants all over the world. However, the most popular element is the microwave. Other restaurant catering equipment, which are also popular, are specialty products such as pasta boilers, wok cookers, potato bakeries, soup soups, rotisseries, rice pans and pizza ovens. They may be in larger restaurants and may have more than one commercial dishwasher.

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