Senior Customer Support and Business Support Leader

The Service and Support Manager, who is responsible for primary services and support providers, and for first-class staffing, plays a key role in every service organization, especially in more competitive and bad times.

If the operator simply sees work as part of a division of labor or places and positions, he lacks one of the most sensitive elements of leadership.

As a CS / BS manager, your daily activities can be varied and difficult in a fast environment. The famous management writer and professor H. Mintzberg identified three major administrative tasks for each manager; these

A) interpersonal relationships,
B) information-related and [C
C decisions.

Each leader in each organization must either complete or complete these three roles.

1) The interpersonal role includes at least three different activities. They are the leading staff who work as a figurative of the organization and keep in touch with others – inside and out.

2) The information role includes at least three different activities. They act as supervisors for staff and customers, disseminate information and communicate as spokeswomen for information to other organizations and suppliers.

3) Decision-making involves at least four activities; engage in entrepreneurial activity in the class, deal with conflicts between staff or clients, organize international conflicts, organize, negotiate, influence and prepare staff and bosses staffs and classes.

These roles are not discrete, naturally overlapping and interacting – but managers are generally assessed on the basis of their performance based on their discretion, due to the overall performance of a holistic manager.

While the role of the manager can be described as such, we can show a critical role that is appropriate for a customer service organization.

Customer Service Manager is in a position where you can critically examine both customer requirements and how the company's approach to customers approaches, but it is a huge advantage to build additional business.

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