Seven pillars of customer service

What is good or proper customer service? Today everyone sells something on the Internet. Yes, basically everyone has some goods or services to present a buyer. The key pillar behind effective customer service is Trust, yet within this pillar; the trust word can not be found! Ironically, trust is intertwined across all pillars, so trust is the basis of successful customer service.

Here are the seven pillars of customer service:

1. Sincerity. This is one of the most important features of customer service. Honesty creates trust and confidence in your personal relationships with customers. This first pillar helps you create repetitive customer sales for your products and services. Sincerity builds trust, and this helps to maintain business relationships

. Value. Customers need to gain value not only in the product you sell, but also in the service you provide. The value exceeds the sale of the product or the provision of services. Treat every customer as if they were one in town. Give every customer a special attention. If you have an online business, make sure you have the tools you need to help customers appreciate their presence on your site.

3rd Courtesy. This is the stuffing of the cake! Join your clients in a very personal way in the atmosphere of a pleasant personal interaction. Remember, companies only succeed when people spend money! Negative attitudes always violate your business. Smile and greet customers.

4th Professionalism. They always look professional; your speech, your clothes, and how it relies on your customers and your workforce. Show respect for everyone, and if you do not know how to perform a certain task, always ask the supervisor or delegate

. Helpfulness. Assistance is another important pillar in customer service. Depending on what you give or offer to clients, you need to know that you have to help them until they find the right one.

6th Product Knowledge. One of the biggest culprits in customer service is when you do not know what you are selling to your customers. There are people who sell products; but there is no indication of what they intend to sell. You need to know what your customers are offering so you can re-sell them in the future.

7th The customer is the boss! If your business is a traditional brick and mortar or online facility, you should know that every customer or potential customer boss! The primary task of every business is to attract customers who, in turn, spend money for the business to become a profitable person.

This seven pillar of customer service is an important lesson for anyone who is serious about thinking about doing business in their customer service center.

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