Seven reasons why the restaurant industry is still a big bet

I put the first bet on the restaurant industry years ago. He was an officer of a young army who was engaged in a promising military career. The only problem was that I wanted to return to the civilian world and build a career in the restaurant industry.

Three days before the release date, my unit sergeant, who was both supporter and mentor, dropped into the dining room. In a comical experiment to encourage me to recruit, he said, "Wallace, it's not too late to change your mind and save yourself." I hear that in the civil world, New York strips stretch across to California. "I smiled and replied," Everyone respects Sergeant Major, I think this means that the civilian world needs some well-trained food service people, "I noticed she chuckled and shakes her head when she left.

Since then, industry has evolved in a way that few people could predict The industry's initial stake as a hostess, as a hostess, as a classically trained cook, host and corporate manager, is privileged to be in many ways experience the restaurant industry that there are many good reasons why the restaurant industry is still a great bet in spite of today's economic storm: there are seven reasons to consider:

1. The Basics of Needs – Restaurants are two basic needs that they will not go away soon talking about the necessity of getting in touch with others. When it comes to dining options, the industry has gone great for comfort. You can step up, sit down, take out, move on, and even engage in curb-covered services. When I travel outside of America, I am always surprised at how frequent people are gathering in city centers and outdoor cafes in the evenings. Here at home operations such as Starbucks and casual bars have become the "third place" needed to leave home and work.

2nd Lifestyle-Controlled – Generations "X" and "Y" grew up home-made food. They are as general and expected as electric washer and dryer for the previous generation. These Americans do not think of a huge or long-lasting return to cooking as much as I think of the return of scouring pads and clothes.

3rd Decentralized – Unlike the most recently suffered industries, the restaurant industry remained decentralized with the resources and tools scattered across the country. In the case of the largest industrial players, the use of the franchise business model also allowed capital dispersion and risk dispersion. This means that the sector does not have such a huge implusion as the automotive industry or the banking industry's experience.

4th Massive Scale – With more than half a billion dollars in annual sales and nearly one million restaurants nationwide, the size of the restaurant industry is supported by a number of industries. From back office technology to cooking equipment, companies worldwide invest heavily in research and development with the understanding that they will be the market for the best innovations.

5th Advanced Infrastructure – In the past decades, the restaurant industry has gained an enviable infrastructure. From the state-of-the-art distribution and logistics to national online bookings and employee training systems, the industry is getting closer to "Plug-and-Play" for the smallest.

6th Entrepreneurial – Regardless of the size of the industry, according to the statistics of the National Restaurant Association, 7 of the 10 restaurants are one-unit operation. Fortunately, barriers to entry into industry have remained relatively low. As a result, industry continues to build on bottom-up innovation. The next trend is probably coming from a small Cuban restaurant in Miami as a highly staffed test kitchen in Dallas.

7th Affordable Luxury – Now that the economy is recovering, there will be some industries that will return more slowly than others. One of the reasons why restaurants generally did not fall as sharply as other sections is that they are still inexpensive in difficult times. Most consumers do not have to lend money to enjoy meals. For the same reason, demand-driven demand must exert a strong growth as things are restored.

For the reasons listed, the restaurant industry is an exceptional source for millions of Americans who attribute, treat and work the whole nation in the industry. This is and will continue to be an excellent example of sustainable healthy capital. You can bet on it!

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