Six keys to customer service

All our clients have certain expectations about what good service should be provided. Every employee has the personal responsibility to provide exceptional customer service. Customers' expectations are different, but essentially all expect the same things.

Customers expect:

Value for Fair Prices

Quality Quality


Ple Pleasant Atmosphere

Friendly Service


Six Key to Excellent Customer Service .

first Key: Competence

People who enjoy what they do are generally doing well. Before a person really can begin to enjoy the job, he has to be confident that his or her abilities are right in all respects. The amount of time spent and the efficiency that we do
appear to be doing our job, they also show our level of competence to others.

2nd Key: Knowledge

We can increase my competence work by learning about our own work, the functions of other departments, and the whole organization. Elements of job knowledge include areas such as Product Information, Procedures
for problem solving and answering questions.

3rd key: pride

The attitudes we present are very important for excellent service. Prudence is a prerequisite for providing employees with the energy and encouragement to know their knowledge and competences. The interest and commitment required for our work affects the quality of our service to our customers.

4th Key: Appearance

The first impressions are extremely important. It tells customers that they feel and work. Customers will notice our personal appearance. They also realize that they are turning to customers in the course of our work and the approach we use. We never get a second chance to make a first impression.

5th key: courtesy

Customers serve as an essential part of the service. Thanks to one of the most important behaviors the customer expects from us. We will show what we are saying, the tone we use and the gestures we use. Through our activity and words
we show clients how to feel.

6th Key: Extra Effort

Lack of courtesy creates a lasting weak impression. On the other hand, a little extra effort leaves a lasting positive impression. Extra effort towards customers is part of the service that keeps customers coming back. Is it always an extra step for customers?

Evaluate yourself and your staff in all areas.
What is your strength? What areas are needed for development?

What steps will you take?
Price Ratio 1 to 10 (Top 10)


Knowledge Skill

Pri Pride

App Appearance

customer service not only happens. This is because you focus on focusing on the examples and focusing on the six keys by following the excellent customer service.
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