Small Business Customer Support Tips

Customer Service can create or cancel a small online business. I've been dealing with my own online store for three years now, which sells valuable jewelery and is something I've seen over and over again. As part of many different forums for small businesses, I see daily questions about how to deal with anxious customers, messy orders, delayed delivery issues, poor quality in the eyes of consumers, and so on. Find out how to deal with these issues is not easy, and should typically be determined on a case-by-case basis. Below I have learned some tips and lessons in the past three years.

Customer is always customer.

I thought "the client is always right". Then in one of my college classes I learned that the client is NOT always right, but the client is always the customer. This is to be taken into account when deciding how to deal with a problem with an inadequate customer. Even if you feel that a customer is wrong with the problem, still without your customer and clients, then it can not be a successful business. If you handle the situation badly, you may lose the customer (and your friends) forever. If you handle it correctly, you hopefully repeat the life span.

Loss of Money and Loss of Clients

This was something I had many experiences, but in a positive way. I realized that if you have anything else to do to satisfy a client, you lose some money, 10 out of 10, it's worth the loss. Now I do not say that you often have to do this, but if you offer quality products, you will not often face this issue. ALL TIME I took a little loss ($ 20.00 or less) to make my client happy or I fixed a bug, gave me great comments, relied on my friends, and most of the time became repetitious clients. This is a sensitive subject for many small entrepreneurs. I suggest that you take into account this issue that may arise and evaluate if you can afford a little loss to increase the chance of creating a repetitive client.

I know how to run a business in a way that brings you money. If you always make a loss, your business will not succeed. Nevertheless, I found that when I turn to my clients and show that I'm more interested in my client than money, I feel they count. I just want clients to feel the same because they count me. My approach to customer service will not work in any business or person. I think that something more businesses have to consider when deciding what type of customer service you want to know.

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