Some remarks on customer service

Everyone, whether at work or at home, is your client because we all need others and provide services. Here are some random information about customer support from different sources and different views that you may not have met before. I will start with a quotation from the book "How to Win Clients and Keep Alive". Michael LeBoeuf Ph.D:

"What is Customer?"

"Customer is the most important person in this office … personally or by mail, the Customer does not depend on us … we depend on it, the customer is not about interrupting our work .. his purpose is not to serve him … serve we have the favor to give us the opportunity to do this: Customer is not someone who can argue with or agree with it Customer is a person who fulfills his wish

During the last few years I learned that " customer care is what the customer thinks. "But who is your client? Tracy, anyone who depends on something if you are under moderate management is the customers of your boss and the underneath who are reporting to you. If you are first on line, clients those who are over you and people who buy or use your company's services If you are the boss, then the customers below are as well as outside clients. "If you are the boss, "The customer is Brian Tracy, so it's time to start customer service at the highest level to make the company truly successful.

"Ensuring a level of level of service beyond the customer's expectations until it becomes standard". Log on to a Norwich Admissions Agency wall.

If you ask someone what their business purpose is, they are likely to say they are earning money to earn profits. But this is just secondary. The real purpose of the business is to acquire and retain clients. Petersen and Waterman's book, "Searching for excellence", describes that Fortune 500 companies in the United States have absolute and complete obsession with customer service at 5%. In other words, the best are the best, so they are fully committed to customer service. Thinking for everyone as a buyer helps our self-improvement. Here are some more tips from Michael LeBoeuf:

1. The secret of winning and retaining customers is to reward them.
2. To win new customers, ask the gold question: "What do you want?"
3. In order to keep you living, ask the platinum question: "How do we do it?" and "How can we be better?"
4. If you have customer service, you are the buyer.
5. Focus on helping your customers buy the most convenient for them.
6. Five best ways for customers to return: be trustworthy, authentic, attractive, responsive and empathic. "Reliable Care" keeps customers coming back.

My favorite offer is to complete the customer service:

"Those who enter to support, those who come are more pleased to me." 19459003 Those who complain teach that they like others,
They only hurt those who dislike, but do not complain, and refuse my permission to correct my mistakes and then improve my service. "
Marshall Field, Business Manager and Friendly Friend.

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