Staycold standing freezers are the benefits of restaurants

Staycold is a leading South African manufacturer for independent commercial freezers, primarily for the catering industry. Staycold offers the winning combination of the latest innovative technology, outstanding reliability and impressive design.

Restaurants cater to many food products, much of it should be kept cool or frozen to avoid being bad. At the same time, it is essential for the restaurant owner or cook to keep track of food products. The chef must be aware of any food product that he can find at any time in the freezer. They need to know that a certain amount of food is in the freezer and when it expires. Fixing inventory levels is important for every business, but it is essentially indispensable in the food industry where products are perishable.

Tracing frozen food is a good way to use the Staycold vertical freezer, especially the glass door. So you can see the food on the glass door while keeping the cold air inside the appliance. It is recommended that when you get new food, store it in the back, then move the previously stored foods to the freezer front. In this way, you will check your inventory and use the food before the expiration date.

With the Staycold freezer, more products can be stored on the shelves. Each shelf can be ordered for a certain food product, such as one shelf for meat products, a shelf for two frozen vegetables, and so on. The commercial refrigeration shelving system allows you to carefully arrange your food products and have a system that all cook staff can follow. This minimizes the confusion of kitchen staff and increases their productivity as they know exactly where to find a particular ingredient.

Staycold freezers occupy less space than traditional freezers. You can also have a more ergonomic design, because you do not have to turn your back uncomfortably to reach the product. Simply stand and reach inside the unit or bend to your knees to reach the lower shelves.

For the restaurants to work effectively, they need to find the right catering equipment . Staycold freezers ensure the organization of our restaurant and make it more efficient.

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