Steam cleaning

One way to make sure that the served foods are kept warm, we use a kitchen steamboat. Place the dishes on the steam trays and place these pan over the steam desks. The steam produced by the appliance is warm and ready to serve. It also keeps fresh and safe food. As the food is kept, the steam cassette must be cleaned regularly by the kitchen counter and the usual schedule for cleaning the steam chart after the serving is completed.

Here are the Steps to Clean Steam Tiles [19659003] As soon as the service period ends, the kitchen steward must pass the remaining food from the steam room to the appropriate food storage and then into the refrigerator. So the remaining food is not contaminated with dirty water or detergent.

After this step, the chef can then turn off the steam engine. This is done to avoid accidents and accidents, one of which is an electric shock. After the machine has been switched off, you can drain the water from the steam drum before cleaning the machine. This will make cleaning easier and safer on the machine.

Pour a small amount of cleanser into the brush by pouring it into a hot water with a hand brush. Do not use too much detergent, as this will make the rinse more difficult. In addition, money is wasted. The kitchen steward should therefore brush all the sides and all surfaces of the steam room, making sure it reaches the corners. Wash thoroughly and wash the top of the table, as well as the back cover and the front. The hood and the sides should also be washed and washed.

If stubborn food particles are stuck on the Steam Table, the kitchen steward can use the scraper to cut the remaining food. Then he could rinse with warm water. You must ensure that you have removed the dirty liquid, especially the detergent, before drying. You must also make sure that the detergent does not smell. Steam tables at the lime scale must be removed by the kitchen steward. The first step to prevent spraying is to fill the water with water before adding a cleanser that can remove the lime size. You can then swap the machine to warm water and detergent. Leave the machine until the limestone is completely switched off before turning off the machine and then rinsing it.

To ease the recovery of the lime set, the 19459005 kitchen steward easily pierces the area with a scrubbing pillow. Make sure you have removed all the traces of limestone formation. When finished, you can switch off the steam before rinsing water and detergent. After this step, the cookware has to rinse with hot water, taking care to eliminate dirty liquid and detergent traces. After the dirty liquid and detergent traces have been completely eliminated, the kitchen clerk can then dry the machine with a soft and clean cloth.

Finally, make sure that there is no residue of the detergent smell from the steam desks.

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