Supplies your equipment for fresh food storage

We enter a season where cold can be felt in the air. In restaurants, the effect of cool air affects visitors. The effect of cool air on our restaurant obviously by making the whole room colder and more obvious by making the food cool down much faster. Prepared meals are pretty fast losing heat due to the cooler air, so when you get to your customer, you've lost the heat. That is why it is time to consider restaurant equipment that serves to preserve hot foods.

Bain Marines is ideal for snacks, where guests can eat meals for themselves. They are extremely effective because they store food for a long time until they are boiled. It's not like a hot food that keeps the body warm.

Food warming cabinets are mobile units that can store up to 22 trays. Twin circulation fans rotate the warm air throughout the cabinet and heat the food with double insulation after they have been switched off.

Heated cabinets are perfect for bakeries and cafes where they buy breadcakes or cakes. While cakes and cakes are visible, they are gay and ready to serve.

Hot Food bars are similar to heated display cabinets, as content is tempting to display. The difference, however, is that Hot Food Bars contain trays that can be filled with cooked vegetables or meats that are ready to serve.

Sheet heaters ensure that cold plates are warmed up to maintain food temperature for a longer period of time. When the food is wrapped on the plate, the heated plate acts as a heating base

Cup Warmers is the ideal way to drink drinks. When you pour coffee into a cold glass, the coffee cools much faster. A warm cup holds the container for a long time while enjoying the drink.

urns are ideal for hosts who have hot water to deliver tea or coffee. Water boils at regular intervals to preserve the constant temperature

In the cooler months it is worth considering catering equipment that keeps food warm. This keeps customers in good shape.

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