Survive the slow economy in the restaurant

Every restaurant owner is currently turning to the slow economy. People save everything, and breakfast, lunch or dinner is one of the things.

After creating a decent life, it's time to become more creative to keep our existing customers and maybe get new ones.

I would like to comment here.

If you continue doing what you do and you do not change, you will have a chance that you will not survive the next year.

Last year I saw the restaurant for small and large businesses because they did not adapt to the slow economy. Talk to the sales representative and ask him how many accounts he lost in the past year.

I'm a family kind of restaurant in Kentucky and I've been working for just over a year. This is probably not the most experienced restaurant owner. but I'm still in business.

The steps I've taken to continue my business include:

Pay attention to your order.

This sounds like a "ghost" statement, but I look at it. All you need is money. Not only food or supplies are needed, but there is money in the warehouse, refrigerator, freezers, etc.

The lower the stock, the more money in the bank. I always ask myself if I can order a smaller amount and save money.

Look for items you do not use so much and ask yourself how much you save when you order smaller quantities.

Take care of the back door. It's just as important to keep an eye on what's going on, so it's important to keep track of your waist. Especially in buffet-style restaurants, it is important to look at what customers are eating and not eating and not putting the items in the buffet.

Take care of the waiters' ticket. Checking guest reviews and tracking the numbers will see if the number is missing. You can also check for accessories that do not load. Keep in mind that customers will enjoy it for free if they can avoid it.

Take care of your work schedule.

As I mentioned in another article, you do not give people jobs, but you do work. Make sure you schedule people where you need them and keep changing them for the duration of the year.

Another thing I do and / or I'm planning.

Pay more attention to community social events and try to take part. This social network is very important and can bring many new customers.

"Rubbing" elbows can be marketed with other local stores and organizations.

Join the local Chamber of Commerce. They have meetings and usually guest learners to learn from

I joined LinkedIn on the web. This is a web site for professionals in all kinds of back areas.

There are groups to join and one of these groups is the independent restaurant owner group and there are many beautiful threads there.

You can start the conversation and see if others can advise you. and free of charge.

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