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T.G.. Friday is a well known name at national and global level. Just as any other endeavor, the T.G.I. Friday faces are challenging every day. Certain factors pose a threat to the company in their general and specific environment. There are many ethical issues in business that contribute to social responsibility. However, T.G.I. Friday does not let these factors prevent them from growing and flourishing in the ever-changing economy.

Like any other business, T.G.I. Friday is affected by its general and specific environment. The general environment of business is the economic, technological, sociocultural and political trends that indirectly affect all organizations. T.G.I. The economic trends of Friday are extreme. Their business takes place in seasons, as in any other restaurant. Sales and revenue are low in the autumn months, as trends show that customers are less likely to eat in restaurants these months. Technology is a very important factor in T.G.I. On Friday. The smallest use of technology when customers sign up online make greater use of technology when servers use computers for orders, the most important use of technology when they use accounting software to perform business accounting. organization. When it comes to the socio-cultural component, T.G.I. Friday is not a demographic goal. There is a wide range of customers, employees and managers within the organization's walls. Political trends affecting T.G.I. Friday is changing constantly. Many different laws regulate how the business operates, such as advertising laws, alcohol-related warning laws, food safety rules, and even employee policies.

The peculiar environment of business is made up of factors such as customers, suppliers, industry standards, and stakeholder groups. Some say that clients are running the business. In fact, without the customers, the business would not survive because it would not make money. Competitors are threatened by T.G.I. Friday every day when new menu items are created that are similar to their menu point and sometimes at cheaper prices. Suppliers can also conduct business because if a company does not have a supply they can not open a business. There are industry regulations that ensure that all T.G.I. Friday is the same atmosphere and the customer gets the same experience, no matter where they go. Stakeholder groups are threatening business because they are constantly trying to influence business and change their behavior. This is just a few of the threats: T.G.I. Friday faces every day, but it is not uncommon for any company to face these threats and many more.

T.G.. The social responsibility of Friday is to increase the profit ethically. Behind the closed doors, however, there are unethical practices that may hinder business in the bloom. As they saw in the film's expectations, many restaurant staff cut corners to ease their work. These employees can be called "semi-dumped" workers. However, T.G.I. Friday has social responsibility to ensure that their customers always get the most enjoyable experience each time they enter the restaurant. It is not only morally corrupt to allow these shortcuts, but also illegal and disgusting. T.G.I. Every Friday, every Friday, we try to provide a healthy, healthy environment for every customer.

T.G.. Friday is not only the American diet, but also the international diet. Although their main emphasis is on the United States, global forces influence the direction of the company and where new restaurants are emerging. Sixteen countries are a T.G.I. Friday's restaurant, and business continues to grow. Needless to say, the T.G.I. Friday is very well treated by the growing globalization of the economy.

T.G.. The brand's Friday was bigger than the founders founded in 1965 when the first restaurant opened. The deal exploded, did not allow factors such as a general and specific environment, ethical issues or globalization to become a company. By combining the franchise and corporate venues, T.G.I. Friday was one of the world's largest chain stores. They serve food not only in their meals, but recently their food has been manufactured and packaged for freezing grocery stores. Both customers and employees alike agree that T.G.I. The mood of Friday is fun and inviting.

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