Ten opportunities to help develop customer service

first Make regular contact with clients. As the bad news is that you send too many email messages to clients, it's just as bad that you do not keep in touch with them. Customers do not want to leave. So do not.

Three things are in contact.

(1) Get your ezine subscription at least once a month. (2) Ask your customers whether you want to update by email when you modify your site. (3) Follow-up after each sale to see if they are satisfied with the purchase. Send an email a few days after the purchase, another one or two weeks, then another one within a month.

2nd Create a client focus group by calling 10-20 loyal customers to meet regularly. Alternatively, you can send a monthly survey to this group asking for ideas and inputs on how to improve customer service. Give them rewards. Pay, gift vouchers, or send free products to them.

3rd Make it easy to navigate your site. Add a frequently asked question to the "FAQ" page and explain everything that can distract customers or visitors. Keep track of the electronic survey of how to increase your site's user-friendliness.

4th Customer complaints are quickly and fully resolved. Respond to all e-mails and phone calls within a few hours. This will show your customers that they really care about them.

5th Do not put your contact information to your customers or visitors. They make it easy to get in touch with them. Recommend as many contact methods as possible. All e-mail addresses of Hyperlink so you do not have to find or enter it. It offers a free number.

6th If you have strategic alliances or employees, make sure you know your customer service policies. Give your staff bonuses or incentives to practice excellent customer service. Tell the staff to be flexible with each customer, each with different concerns, needs and needs.

7th Give more customers than they expected. Send gifts for a long time to your customers. You can send greeting cards by e-mail on holidays or birthdays if you have your address or online cards if you have only an e-mail address and a name. Give bonuses to your customers who make a big purchase or multiple purchases.

8th U-welcome, please, thank you and never use it again. Be polite, whatever it is. Make sure that the errors are soon apologized and will be largely resolved if you want us to remain a customer.

ninth Reward Points – Give Customers a Point for Every Dollars. Set a score sheet. Update the customer monthly by email. If a referral is sent to them, they will receive 10 points if they buy something, they will receive another 10 points.

10th If your business is local, invite customers to your office for lunch, parties, barbecues, dances, seminars, or other special events.

Not what you value, but what customers see from their eyes. Still, sometimes you can not ask for some people. If that happens, it's best and leave it. You do not want them for customers.

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