Ten Steps to Improve Hospitality Communication

You are celebrating an anniversary in our lovely restaurant, you can order your lovely meal, you will have a wonderful night … but the waiter is in a bad mood, the order is late and the food is not what you wanted, you have an argument in the kitchen … You will not get back to the restaurant and tell all your friends.

Bad communication is bad news anywhere, and especially in the hospitality industry. So how can you prevent the communication catastrophes of hospitality?

first Well-trained staff. If you can not hire well trained staff, find people who are enthusiastic and willing to study and train themselves. In fact, some employers prefer their own staff rather than the reorganization of experienced staff to meet standards. Well trained staff are key to providing professional services

2. Hospitality is about the service; emphasizes that staff. Hospitality staff often serve the vacationing people; they may have saved this holiday all year, paying good money and deserve the best service they can give them and nothing less. They are looking for a friendly and professional service, and you and your staff are there to make sure they get it.

3rd Good, bi-directional communication between all levels of staff in the hospitality industry is indispensable for the smooth and cost-effective operation of its operations. When the staff at the cafe informs the management that they are running out of the menu, and nothing has happened, bad hospitality communication and bad business. Act ASAP and its employees will know that we value their work and share their goal of providing the best service.

4th Satisfy your guests' expectations. Good hospitality communication between staff and guests begins with good office work – you as a manager need to provide the staff with the best tools they need to serve their guests. When guests arrive at the hotel's room, they expect free internet service advertised on the hotel's website and find that they have to pay for the guest's dissatisfaction, who are not mistaken in this case. Somewhere along the line somebody gave me wrong information. A typical case of bad communication and bad feelings that can easily be avoided

Make sure all the relevant information is passed between the different levels and classes. Make sure the marketer is well-informed and just advertise what you know. Creating Unrealistic Expectations Provides Uncertain Debates – Not Good in Business

. As the world is becoming digitized, computerized "computerization" has become necessary. Good food management software is still a basic tool today. In addition to a wide range of products, you will need to find your needs and budgets. From a handheld PDA system, based on communication between kitchen and server staff, into a comprehensive management suite that covers everything from inventory and hotel reservation to an online booking option for guests. The initial investment will upgrade all communication channels and pay in the long run.

6th Communicating with Foreign Tourists: You can not expect staff to speak fluently in any foreign language you may encounter while working, but be aware of different cultures. Ignoring cultural practices can unnecessarily overwhelm the guests and we all want to avoid this.

Foreign guests are just getting some foreign language greetings for reception and waiting for their staff. a bit at home in the hotel or in the restaurant. Not much, really.

7th Well-informed staff: Make sure every restaurant staff knows the menu and can answer any questions about daily actions. You will not impress your customers with the wait staff who have to run and have to ask the cook for the menu. The reception staff should be well informed about the region and give advice and information about local attractions, transport, entertainment, etc. This is part of the service that hotel guests expect from them – and do not want them to be disappointed by ignorant staff

8. Fast answer: If you are serving food supplies, customers will come to you for food, they will not sit and wait for it. The service must be fast. The same applies to all other catering services, and an important part of good communication is a quick response. Regardless of whether you are responding by email to your booking or other questions, you can provide services at the reception desk or receive the table without delay. This is vital to your business's reputation.

ninth Listen to your guests. Sometimes these little things make the difference in customer satisfaction and they can easily be ignored in the busy hospitality environment. This is where guests or clients can help – if you leave them. They make it easy for them to tell them the things they think is better for your business. They may not agree with them, but they will never hurt to listen. Some customers are delighted to have your complaint known to everyone and your job is to make sure that each guest's response is delivered to the supervisor or the management (by providing the right host communication channels). But others call their complaints or suggestions anonymously so they can make suggestions / service evaluation cards easier for hotel rooms and service desks – get acquainted with their guests to appreciate their feedback

. Listen to your staff: Staff is the communication line of hospitality for customers. Listen to what they say. They know they appreciate their opinions and make changes make them feel comfortable in their work environment and are proud of their work. You can be sure your customers will feel happy to serve you happy people who want happy guests. And happy guests return to positive experiences and give the word to friends and family. And that's what is about good hospitable communication.

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