The benefits and disadvantages of being a host

So he loved the food all his life and finally came to the conclusion that he wanted a job that would include food. You would like to be interested in catering, but not sure about the details, the benefits, and the negative aspects. Professional catering, while exciting and enjoyable for those who have a creative eye and love for food, can demonstrate that they include long working hours and have excellent customer service and math skills

. Universities or the Bachelor of Arts degree in culinary arts will certainly improve your skills as well as restaurant experiences as a server or manager. As a host you often work from home; this is a great job for those who want to be self-employed, but with the start fee often $ 10,000.

For those who do not want to start their own business, there are catering companies, both in the food industry and in some culinary training, usually BA or Associate. As a host manager, you oversee the entire facility and work with customers, design the whole event and provide the best customer service.

The host must ensure that it works well with people and has great interpersonal communication skills, because it is indispensable for work. As a host manager, you may be asked for special attention to computer experience, team building skills, and details. Especially if you own your business, you need to keep in mind the details of bookkeeping, new ideas for the party's theme, and scheduling events.

In fact, there are different types of hosts and every specialty.

  1. Mobile Catering – This kind of hospitality is the latest trend; food trucks are the latest trend in party catering. Mobile operators face low launch rates, which can be a challenge as their location and lack of brand awareness are limited. You can be assured that a lot of social media advertising and marketing is provided to the city (or cities) covered by the truck
  2. Business Catering – This is popular because it is year round as opposed to special events and mobile catering that is warmer for months It is limited. If you get involved with an enterprise giant, you will usually stay with those who love them and will have constant earnings.
  3. Special Events Catering – This form of catering is for the creative type of service provider; you can show your artistic abilities. Foods, weddings, anniversaries, and any kind of event that can showcase your innovative culinary skills. However, he must be able to retreat and accept constructive criticism. Access to the hospitality industry has its advantages and disadvantages, but if you have the right skills and abilities, and love for event planning, the removal of the hospitality industry, is just the right niche for you.


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