The common sense has resigned from the restaurant industry


My brother arrived this morning and started telling me about his date Saturday night … not so much about his date but the great experience at The Yard House … an exceptional service, a really well-prepared meal, and mentioned the awesome service … which brought this jag in the "service" state of the industry … not a new person to us or anyone else who in these days decides to go to a full restaurant.

We all know that the 6000-15000sf restaurant day is largely the past … even popular casual food chains have lowered their footprint to the 3000-4500s. The reason for this is … Labor-dollar … a great deal of workforce and willingness to work for employees to be the right employees in a big building to provide a good, far less good service.

In addition to the dismantling of units, companies have been growing steadily and the need to pay higher corporate costs has put pressure on the units … so in their infinite wisdom the concept of "Minimal Staffing" was approved and the budget was carried out accordingly. .. in order to make anybody a bonus, not to mention the preservation of their work, the emphasis from the dining room to the clock … and this friendship was the end of the service as we know it!

Now those who have been buried in the books and the company's help savers have forgotten that they are defined as the "Service and Hospitality" industry, where exceptional service is what brings people back and forth. what is the difference … We are now working on reducing the workforce to match the budget to pay people for the highest high bonuses ….

As for the guest … the corporate attitude "there are many people from where they came … we can drop coupons and discounts that do not affect our labor market dollars … allow us to get new people … and do not forget … people are stupid … they come back sometime … "

(Coupons … that's a different rant …) When we were in the industry, we all had our budget … every business … but when organizations are so big they keep the budget of the individual workgroup so that service is similar to the past … and then worse … every year labor budgets are less than one year later …

Simplified example ar how it works …

# 1 Rule in the Industry – Hot Food Served Hot

– There is a need for a expeditor to organize the kitchen to keep it from being cold

– There is a need for a restaurant, to bring food to the dining room

– there is a need for a server to take care of, drink, serve and cater for the guests

For more labor saving, several companies have directed their units through aggressively cut budgets to eliminate Expeditor and Food Runner, and servers get rid of slack … and hey … again, Get rid of Pantry Person and servers can make salads … hey, and really do not need a hostess at all times … let the servers watch at the front door and answer the phone. … now you have to tell the leaders that they have to work harder than work if they need it … but they are available to collect coupons from every table and remember to "touch every table". .. and make sure you call the supervisor to explain why your work is …

THE RESULTS … (in any order)

  • away from the dining room when the the guests need The food cools in the kitchen while the servers are drinking drinks, salads, answering phones, sitting people, etc.
  • Managers are giving coupons and making meals because food is cold and "this is the worst service ever I've ever seen"
  • Servers get stuck and worse … mgmt tells you to turn your desktop to another server because they have to save the workforce and "… loss of income is not my problem"

Not happy enough Business / Management / Employees / Guest

is wondering why it's hard to find talented people working in the industry …. The simplest solution is to have the words "Service and Hospitality" away from the restaurant industry … at least we can not complain our expectations have not been met … But long-term repairs … Well, that's another story … in our current economy it's very hard to convince a company that they will have to spend their money at the "appropriate" staff levels and REAL HOSPITALITY SERVICE TRAINING in order not only to survive but to profit in the coming years …

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