The Magic of Disney customer service experience

What makes Disney parks such a magical place? Really magical? I think we all know that Disney is not really magical. But Disney's team, from management to front-park and server employees, has mastered the process of creating magical customer experiences. Disney's famous customer-oriented training regiment in their staff resorts and amusement parks.

Disney is not just about catering to hospitality. People come from all over the world and many planned years before they went to Disney parks and resorts. Because of the magical experience, Disney's customer service center is to create magical experiences for all its customers ("guests").

Disney service, which includes the three aspects of the "magic" guest experience. In Disney's parks, guests are handled to re-create the famous Disney settings. Disney's experience in the various areas of the park is felt and feel like Disney's part. Every detail of the settings means creating a magical customer experience.

Setting up your customer experience is where your customers interact with your people and systems. He sends a message to the customer for every detail of the meeting. Phone calls, emails, live chat, and even websites are talking to customers. What is a sent message? You say "I care for the customer"?

The Magic of the Spirit

Think of the Last Disney Experience? What were the people like? At Disney, all "Cast" members (staff in the park) are friendly, approachable, and helpful without falling down or being mechanic.

At Disney, all team members know, study and understand their behavior, behavior, conditions, and values ​​that are related to your work.

Each task function can be measured by the organization's core service values.

The Magic of Battle

At Disney, team members are trained to find burning points. Burning points where fine-tuned also degrade the positive customer experience processes, resulting in negative customer experiences.

Where are the burning points in your body and within the team? What are positive customer experiences that create areas where decompensation, system failures, or team members are doing poor performance due to a negative experience?

Disney focuses on guest guest communication, guest flow, and service tracking processes that eliminate or control these points.

Customer Service Can Be Magical

Disney sets up customer service, keeping in mind every detail of customers. But the focus of their success on the effective implementation of these keys is the wonderful and magical experience for every guest.

The Disney service model is applicable to any organization where management and team members are committed to creating magical experiences. The model is not expensive or complex. It simply implies the commitment of the people involved to create a magical experience for every customer.

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