The restaurant shop is all about common sense

I know a lot of educated people who are very well illuminated in the restaurant business, but the truth of common sense always prevails.

If you want to open a restaurant, use the sober sense.

For example, while looking for your location, do not review the situation. Instead, make sure you need your restaurant in the area and make sure the monthly rent is less than 5% of your planned net revenue.

When planning your restaurant's layout, do not worry about it anymore. Make sure the food flows from the kitchen to the customers, and the smooth transition, and everything that is placed in place.

When you pick up new staff do not worry about it anymore. Instead, talk to them and listen to them. You are looking for people who think like you and those who want to win.

When designing marketing for your opening, do not look at the situation. Instead, do not spend the fortune of advertising, there are hundreds of ways to market the opening is free or almost free.

When ordering the first food order, do not worry about the situation again. Instead, he does not want to order too much, but he does not want to run out either. Order just a small amount you think you might need.

Do not look beyond the situation during the opening day. Instead, it's about providing great food and great service to your customers. Bless them and win. Put them sad and you lose.

When the performance of the crew comes, do not review the situation. Instead, if you do not cut the mustard, let him know. If they are, in particular, let them know.

When it comes time to pay for yourself, do not review the situation. Instead, do what you need, but leave plenty of cash in your account to start the next month. You will be happy.

The thing is, the restaurant business is quite complicated, and if you use your common sense, you have a better chance to survive as if you had a super duper degree at a super duper university.

The restaurant business is about knowing what customers want and giving them.

The most complex aspect of restaurant business is a logical decision while you are extremely tired. Use the sane sense; put your head on the pillow and go to them tomorrow!

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