The Salvadore commercial freezer can handle the pressure

The restaurant industry is demanding and exerts great pressure on the shop owner, the chef and other staff members. To fight so hard that the last thing the cook wants to worry about is that the freezer does not work properly. In a busy restaurant, a commercial freezer must be able to handle the pressure of a demanding environment. Salvadore commercial freezers have a strong ability to handle the pressure and therefore

This commercial freezer has a 70 mm high density insulation and 304 stainless steel for durability. It's hard and well insulated to keep the cold inside the hospitality equipment. The GN pan or wire shelf uses the same rails for convenient handling. El Salvadore Commercial Freezers have rounded inner corners that allow easier cleaning and solid doors to the right or left corner corners for convenience. The freezer temperature is between -18 degrees and -22 degrees Celsius, which ensures that food is stored freeze while stored in a commercial freezer. It has the European Secop Compressor and EBM fans as well as a European digital controller so you can be assured of international quality.

The Salvadore commercial freezers are available in two sizes: one unit, one door and two units with two doors. Depending on your needs or ability to handle the desired size requirements properly.

The unit's dimensions are 740 x 830 x 2040 millimeters, with a capacity of 585 liters and a weight of 122 kilograms. The only unit power is 520 watts. The double unit is 1480 x 830 x 2040 millimeters and has a capacity of 1285 liters. It has a total weight of 197 kilograms and a power of 1130 watts. Both units have 3 shelves that allow small and large food spaces to be spacious.

El Salvadore Commercial Freezers are the ideal restaurant equipment for busy restaurants that provide large frozen meat to large quantities of other foods that need to be frozen. It meets the needs of daily activity where frozen foods are stored and removed daily. First of all, it ensures that the restaurant's food remains frozen and remains fresh until it is needed.

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