The Stage of Business – Presenting Accidental Risk and the Critical Way

First, what are the risks involved? If we identify the risks we need to know what we are looking for. I have heard that risk is defined as the effect of uncertainty on the objectives. This definition is fine, but a bit vague. To identify the risks of a specific project or initiative effectively, I think it needs to be somewhat more concrete than the goal.

Because the risk is related to Project Stream ™, best practices assume that all levels are completed before the next level begins. As shown in the figure above, the overlap level (as shown) will result in additional risks and compromised results. This is a common occurrence, and usually occurs when the levels go off and have no disciplined schedule for landing and finishing milestones.

"Delay is a dangerous end." – William Shakespeare

When the start and end date of the project are recorded, the milestone must be scheduled for waiting times. Otherwise, any expansion of the milestone may jeopardize adjacent milestones or even general project risks.

Risk Management Schedule is a critical part of project planning. The more time it takes to develop a timetable, the better chance of success for the project. If you plan well, you can handle the process schedule efficiently for the scope, schedule, and budget of the project.

"The true nobility is free from fear". – William Shakespeare

Making a plan, making a plan. You will be happy.

Do not be afraid to look at the past when you design your plans for the future.

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