The ten most important signs of worse customer service

Here – The Ten Most Signs of Bad Customer Service!

Drum roll please.

10th number

One of us vs thinking. This person thinks customers want to bring him. They feel that the Customer has decided to wake up that day and "mess with me without reason." This includes "Poor Ego" and "I Hate My _____" (filling in work, life, spouse, etc.) Who feels that everyone needs to get them.

ninth number

Yes. It seems to be everywhere. And I'm constantly hearing the same things. "I do not have time for the train," or "I train and go out," or "Try some of them before I train." These are weak objections. Heck, I even used myself to "try it for a while". You know what? There is no excuse for poorly trained staff. If you are the person in charge, you must pay. It's a professional service! Not an Amateur

8. Number

Hard, forced or embarrassing responses. When they talk, it sounds like a teenager trying to explain why he came home late. ("Uhhh, you will not believe it.") This lack of trust in the product, poor qualifications (see above), lack of skill or inability. You can relieve trust by learning the product, skills in practice (roleplaying, scripts), and continuing training. You can not correct the suitability. There are people who do not have the necessary internal social, educational or human skills in the area of ​​Customer Support.


You may not be involved in Customer Service or Customer. It's very obvious, especially when you ask them how long they are there and say something like "3 years" and yet the skill that is "never been a day for the Customer Service". It tells you something about them. I mean, you have to note that they have so much interest in becoming professional customer service people like flying a fish. If you do not ask about training, business plans, and role in the big picture, they'll tell you two things.

first The place where you work indicates that everyone who works here will never go beyond where he is now, so why bother him. They do not care to invest in themselves to do better than they do.

And do not impose an obligation on the Customer to work on resolving situations, a big sign. These people give up their hands to the first sign of trouble and say things like "I can not deal with this person" or "Why are everyone rough?" There may be a few reasons for this behavior as if you do not have the necessary support or tools or you can not see the results you expect in the previous situations.

6th Number

Staff is not customer-centered. They tend to concentrate on conservation. They want to preserve their status, position, age, etc. They rarely reach out to themselves or get to customers.

Naturally occurring growth. Unfortunately, this is cancerous growth. You may need to remove it. Help them see that by continuing to implement this way, they actually limit themselves and do not maintain anything. In fact, if there are rough waters, these are the first people called "dead masses".

5th number

Customers have to take action. The so-called cattle product Customer Service. The staff must involve the steps. And even then he can not get anything. In fact, maybe you could start a seal! Whenever your clients are prompting staff to do something, something bad. And this is not the customer!

4th number

Frequent interruptions. Phones, other employees, customers, too many tasks, no time, o there are many reasons for interruption. This is a symptom of our age. Just because computers, e-mails and text messaging are fast, without complaint, we expect our customer service to be the same. People are just not true. No matter how many computers have the buzz, the ringing and the wording flash, if there is no human element in place, it will not work.

People need human touch. This is a little warm feeling for someone to interact.

What I'm really trying to say is that.

YOU SHOULD CHANGE A PERSON! Not enough, enough to understand.

Quite enough, no more waiting, no migrant clients, no long term, no "I can not answer this question because I do not have time" and many other examples of inadequate staff or "just enough" staff. Then the processes and systems are in place to back up their staff.

3rd Number

In a tense situation, we lift our voices, sometimes we comb our arms and usually affect a whole area. If the parties concerned are not moved to another area, a sign of poor customer service. People know something is wrong. We understand. From personality to person, without talking. Obviously when we see it. In many cases, we feel that we need to "stand on the ground" with the Customer. This also includes the fact that the front counter, reception, parking lot, etc. Why can not you move the Client and you into an area that is based on a certain point of respect for your privacy and then you can filter out the differences? It will definitely improve your imagery and customer perception.

2nd Number

Sad people. True, unhappy people at the Customer Service. They are there. And for whatever reason they are unhappy. Spouse, family situations, medical, you name it. And that's offensive to their performance and customer. If you're unhappy, do something about it. Talk to someone, get help! We already know you're unhappy! Let's work together to make our business as a professional! If you are dissatisfied because you are in your customer service, quit it. Find a career you can make happy with. (In some cases, right without you)

1. Number

Poor attitude. What can I say? It's an internal thing. It can not be repaired from the outside. People need to see you, you have to change them yourself. You would like to press the Attic Adjustment Button; this is not how it works.

If you're the poor man, do something. The others were tired of it.

They're there! The Top Ten! If any of these matches you, your department, or your life, Get After It!

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