The Top 3 Reasons Why NOT Buy a Restaurant

In these years (25 years), in the restaurant industry, occasional openness to counseling or direction and restaurant affiliation were occasionally requested. First, I answer by asking some basic questions about individuals.

Having determined (in my opinion) what I say, I try to try them in the next few minutes. Even if I've pushed for your potential, the routine leaves the same as I am trying to cover as much as I can remember.

It may well be worth mentioning here that I talk to more dreams and desires than deep pockets. If you have the money to burn it.

The Three Three is Easy because it's always in my own world:

1. FAMILY … Work when everyone else is playing!

This means kids are working at home or when the school game is Scheduled. I really went to a parent teacher conference with whom an apron appeared.

2. TIME … Work While Everyone's Playing

On a busy Friday evening, golf is rare because Saturday night is only a few hours away and there there are infinite things or need to be done before maintenance. I was in "19th hole" and listened to the great results when some beer was sent back.

MONEY 3 … Our work when everyone is playing …

About the numbers Continuous keystroke analysis comes to the area. Always looking for cost-cutting opportunities without reducing quality and service to keep up with the rising pricing of state, local and federal taxes and the costs of the goods sold. Then, more often, we could not achieve all the "savings" we re-invested in the created monster.

Continues and enters the "No" list but always includes the above elements to some extent.

Ask yourself. "What do I want to give or give up to get what I want?"

For "lucky ones", those with commitment, perseverance, and burning desires can result in a highly successful business. I knew people who were successful in earning money, had time to spare, and they kept their families tactfully. Like an old-fashioned water pump, a restaurant business requires many initial pumping and application to get the water to the top of the well. Then there is only one slow pump to keep the water flowing. But you can never stop completely, or else "water" drops down and the process starts again.

When asked, some successful people can tell you, looking back at "did not do otherwise." Not me! We could change so many things to make it easier to fight. Most of the time I had to check my self and have to think about those who did it.

So here is the "pitch". Much help exists. Find and use it! Be cautious for those who look too light. I saw another online ad from someone who claimed to open a "large" restaurant for $ 25,000 and "help anyone else". Can you do it? Sure. However, it will close in six months and break away. It does not mention that a "25,000" restaurant requires $ 100,000 + bank account. So-called consultants, like this one, are already fueling high error rates in the hospitality industry alone.

Find real help with real solutions and those with a successful outcome.

Enthusiasm makes the difference!

Good luck.

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