Tips for providing excellent customer service

Customer Service Guidelines and procedures implemented on your company will affect how your employees serve customers and therefore affect their essence and future growth and sustainability. My mother was right, she has good manners, please, thank you, show me appreciating the fact that another person is involved and helps you achieve or achieve what you want. Excellent customer service and always based on the simple fact that we are dealing with people. People who like us as recognition, respect and recognition.

Therefore, your customer service guidelines should not be based on retention, but must be built so that each of you can enjoy the excellent experience every time you visit, interact, buy or simply talk to a person in our organization. If the experience is successful, the mistakes will be forgiven and retained.

Many businesses spend more time and money to find new customers than those they already have because the bad thing is in the middle.

Every customer interaction / experience starts with the first second of the relationship between the client and the employee. This means that output has already begun to be designed and will be successful or will fail.

Success, satisfying experience is always based on the customer's perspective and not on the perspective of the organization. So we can start with the customer and customer experience. How much does it spend on customer service training while ignoring the simplest customer requests?

Customer Satisfaction: Customer, "What Do I Think?"

"Just Notify Me"

A study *, edited by the communications brochure, measures the number of seconds people had to wait for in more businesses.

The researchers then asked customers how long they were waiting. In all cases, the client's estimate for the waiting time was higher than the actual waiting time. A customer waiting for 30 to 40 seconds often thought he was waiting for at least 3 or 4 minutes.

"Time goes by when you notice it!"

Even if busy, by talking to someone else, talk to someone else – talk to me with your eyes.

Bert Decker, CEO of Decker Communications Inc. and Communications, says the three "I" of eye communication are intimacy, intimidation, and participation. Intimacy and intimidation for a long time – for 15 seconds or longer – looks at another person.

However, most business communications are involved. This means that you get a clear eye contact for about 5 seconds (which is comfortable for most people).

"Look, you're glad you can see me, help me what I want!" – the client thinks.

Smile eyes and mouth. The eyes tell you the truth about what you feel toward others. Only a lips that resemble a lips disappear. This means very simply that we do not forget that the buyer is the cause of existence. Without a client, my job is not necessary. So, smile and report if I welcome, welcome, or what can I do today for my clients.

What a simple, basic, yet profitable one.

Questions to which each and every company should answer:

1. How fast is it fast?

2nd How much time do we have to spend with each customer?

3rd What are customer priorities, both of which are considered important and satisfied?

4th How relevant are the current policies and procedures that really result in a high level of customer satisfaction?

Every time a customer enters the phone or calls our company, we have a wonderful opportunity. We really did not need any effort, we did not have to chase this client, identify him, or anything. This customer came to us, which means that this customer has at least been interested in a certain level, something that we offer.

But the problem is that even if we use the right words, "Welcome to X, my name is John, how can I help you?" If John does not really mean that if you're more interested in coffee breaks, it's going to give me an inconsistent message and believe me, the customer will pick it up right away.

Recognizing good experience begins at the first moment, in the first second, the client is in touch with any of our organization.

CUSTOMER is not a break or a routine task that we need to deal with. CUSTOMER is the OBJECTIVE, so we are in business.

* "37 Quick and Easy Tips to Keep Your Customers" Communicating Papers

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