Top 10 industrial organizations for culinary

There are many culinary industry associations for all types of cooks and in general for the food service world. These culinary organizations can serve as a great resource, whether they are a professional chef, a leading cook, an aspiring cook, a culinary student, or any other player in the gastronomy industry. The top 10 gastronomic organizations in the food industry are:

  1. American Institute of Food and Wine: This educational nonprofit organization is dedicated to the joys, benefits and traditions of the table in 31 chapters of the US and a French chapter.
  2. Chefs cooperating: A nationwide network of more than 1,000 food communities that supports sustainable cuisine through local, seasonal and craft cooking.
  3. International Association of Culinary Professionals: This 30-year-old group is one of the largest culinary industry associations with more than 4,000 members in 32 countries. It is a nonprofit professional organization that provides ongoing training and professional development, including the IACP Cookbook Awards award.
  4. James Beard Foundation: This nonprofit organization was founded in 1985 on Julia Child's proposal to support James Beard's philosophy, ideas and practice, American gastronomy.
  5. National Association of Specialty Food Trade, Inc.: NASFT has 19,000 members including manufacturers, distributors, importers, brokers, foreign government agencies and other suppliers of specialty foods.
  6. National Restaurant Association: This is the ultimate membership-based business alliance in the restaurant industry, where it has more than 30,000 members since 1923 with more than 175,000 restaurants.
  7. New York Women's Culinary Association: NYWCA supports co-operation and education among women in the food industry.
  8. Roundtable for women in food service: For 17 years, RWF has organized food service providers while providing education, mentoring and networking opportunities to enhance women's development and visibility. There are currently 10 American chapters.
  9. Slow Food: This is the world's largest culinary organization. They are committed to supporting and supporting quality meals and drinks.
  10. Women's Chefs and Restaurants: The WRC promotes women's education and development in the restaurant industry as well as improving industry as a whole.

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