Top 10 Space-saving Food Equipment

A wide range of catering equipment, equipment and food is available on a daily basis in the restaurant business and in the hospitality industry. Not surprisingly, space can become a problem. Here are the top 10 space-saving catering equipment.

  1. Pots for racks. A bowl holder, especially one of the mobile, very practical elements in the kitchen. We put it in the cupboard to receive all the pots from customers and once filled, you can place it in the dishwasher to be cleaned. The dishes are kept from the kitchen surfaces and hidden in a corner.
  2. Dolly food. The plates dollies have a class that can sometimes be adjusted. This allows you to place plates and plates in this superb unit while easily moving from one area to another with the wheels
  3. Freezer Crate. This is a practical unit that allows food to be separated in the freezer. For example, a box with full vegetables can be easily removed from the freezer or fridge. At the same time you can quickly wash the vegetables in the box.
  4. Glass Crate. The glass box is completely stackable and can hold 30 glasses. Each bottle separates from an ideal location to another location.
  5. Portable Ice Caddy. This is ideal for functions where ice saving is required and easy distribution of ice from one table to another. Find an insulated ice bunk that keeps the cold temperature
  6. . This is the ideal way to store bulk ingredients. Instead of having many small tubs or component boxes, pour all packets of the same ingredient into an ingredient container. This saves space and makes it easier to control.
  7. Storage Containers. Storage containers are usually of different sizes and stackable. Great way to store food. You can color tanks with the help of lids or label them for better food handling
  8. Shelf Systems. If there are no more storage spaces in the cabinet, you can place shelves on the wall. Corner shelves are quite popular, while single shelves are often used. The shelves can store pots, pans and other catering equipment.
  9. Insulated food service providers. This is ideal for carrying or moving finished foods. Place the food in the containers and place them in an insulated food server. The inside of the unit remains warm (or cool). This storage solution can comfortably travel to the scene.
  10. Working Tables. Workbenches with two or more shelves allow comfortable workstations. When preparing food, you can find all the catering equipment and food items on the shelves below.

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