What is good customer service? This is a question that often searches for both marketers and consumers alike, mainly because this sometimes negligible definition is contradictory. Young people who are working on counters are often accused of having their customers an unusual expectation that they feel beyond the service.

Meanwhile, older people criticize staff in the service sector because they do not sufficiently meet their needs as in "old times." Perhaps only professionals can find a definite definition of what customer service is.

The point is that customer service is the best way to handle a customer, regardless of whether the business is a retail or restaurant service, automatic repair or window cleaning. He always works fast in the service industry because he tells his customers to pay attention to their needs. One of the first rules of business, if you have a client, do not expect it. And if it is inevitable that you have to wait (tells you to work with another client), you should at least acknowledge your presence knowing you are interested.

The second rule is about behavior. As the saying goes, "kill them kindly." Of course, bad-behaved customers will be bad or bad, but they will not go down to this level and deal with them politely and professionally, confused by them and feel a pitfall. Keep in mind that customer care is the core element of basic customer service.

I'm sure you were at the other end of the transaction where you were the customer and say that some credit card attorney or Avon lady called you to play. Do not forget the self-control you've been practicing, even if you are sometimes bald or rush. It's worth to have a cool head, and that's a good part of good customer service.

For many older people, my father, for example, believes that customer service has deteriorated over the years. This may be true. At the same time, I also think that people are expecting too much nowadays, and sometimes they are weird to get what they want. I think patience works in both directions. Ultimately, as long as the employee is polite and professional, the client must be happy. And this is the essence of good customer service.

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