What are the different types of meals?

Hospitality services are fairly wide-ranging and include special events, business activities, mobile services and industrial activities. When renting the services of the catering industry, it is crucial to rent professional and reputable companies to ensure that the food service aspect of the event is as simple as possible. Here are some of the most popular catering services –

Special Event

A special event hosting company is likely to offer all-inclusive services of large events, receptions, anniversaries and weddings. Special event operations include a side-by-side feature and presentation page featuring impressive menus. Many companies are also involved in certain aspects of organizing the event, such as providing creativity to the planning and decoration of the event. In addition, they can help with the introduction of other services such as services for florists, rental companies, and musicians. Special event organizers are likely to specialize in one of the types of services, while other companies are more versatile and can be customized for many events.


Business hospitality service aims to offer food style to popular business parties, conferences, trainings, lunches and business meetings. This is a hospitality industry that is extremely competitive and requires great demand for dining options throughout the year. It is important to prepare more popular foods for these events as it is necessary for everyone who is involved in these corporate events and meetings.


Mobile hospitality is unlikely, but rather a moveable truck or van with the right food and equipment on board. Mobile hospitality services can be provided by car park vendors, catering services, producer markets, fairs and festivals. A fully equipped mobile catering unit is required for the professional offering of this type of catering service. The quality aspect of mobile hospitality is the low cost due to the often small and small business.


Industrial catering industry for certain universities, factories, prisons, hospitals, schools and similar institutions. Many industrial catering establishments conclude semi-annual or annual contracts with various companies for more stable and long-term employment. Serving food is not a requirement for industrial caterers, as prepared meals are usually served by the institutions in the café style.

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