What are the five steps for good customer service?

In a previous article, I mentioned that the customer service definition is when the customer meets the service. How can you ensure that this happens in your organization? By ensuring that the staff understands the 5 basic steps of good customer service.

first step – Describe the customer. Here is the 5 foot and 10 foot rule. If the customer is 10 meters away, he confirms the customer with a verbal connection. Smile, eye contact and knowing that you are aware that our customer has arrived in our store. If the customer is within 5 feet, he or she will accept the customer with a greeting card.

You need to greet your customers properly and quickly. This does not mean that they shout as they enter their business. This is so often done in a retail environment and can be annoying. If the customer is within 5 feet, be sure to pay full attention. Use the appropriate speech in both sound and volume and respect them. Inform them that he is there to help, without being overwhelmed. Listen to verbal communication. Simply "Yes" instead of "ahuh" can make a long way to respect your client.

2nd Step – Clarify why the client is. We do not suppose they know what they need and how they find it. Go beyond the usual "Can I help you?" Thank you for your stop, ask them the right questions for your business. If you are a female retailer, ask "Do you have a special occasion?" If your business is in a tourist area, ask them whether they are on holiday and where they come from. Brainstorm with your staff and come up with some unconventional greetings that help your client better assess why they are visiting you.

3rd step – Preparing employees for dealing with difficult clients. The buyer who has less experience in the business. Teach them how to take HEAT. Fully listen to the customer, attend the customer, apologize, and take action. Give your staff a room for maneuver if you are dealing with this client. Give them clear guidance on what they can do to solve difficult situations.

4th step – meet or exceed expectations. There is an upgrade that your customer can offer and provide additional services for a minimum fee. I recently signed a contract with a pool and a spa company to fix a big problem for my pools. In the past, I bought the basin stocks at a local bargain shop. The owner of the pool company explained which chemicals could be purchased in the discount store and which chemicals could not be purchased there and why. Then he offered me to grant me concessions to chemicals. This has made a long way to ensure that I am a satisfied customer. (I am entertained with Facebook and have added more customers.) Step 5 – Confirmation of satisfaction. We do not assume that it met customers' needs. How many times did you have dinner and the waiting staff asked if everything was fine? You probably will answer "yes" even if you are not completely satisfied. What if you asked for a more specific question, such as "Is steak rare enough?" or "What do you think about its sideboards? Do you need more roast fried potatoes?" A more precise formulation of the questions will give a more realistic answer to your customer.

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