What are the latest catering trends?

Nowadays, everyone is trying to cut costs, as the world economy continues to give us all nervousness, but cutting costs does not necessarily mean cutting standards. We all want to celebrate milestones in our lives, and this is mostly by throwing away the party. The most up-to-date hospitality trends are cases where almost every catering company has shifted the emphasis to menus that are cheaper but more expensive than the menus, from well-founded but dear favorites.

So, what's the new way to eat? First, the full bands are open because the host has to pay all open bottles. For example, if a guest asks for a special whiskey and the barman does not touch anyone or anyone overnight, the host must cover the whole bottle. The entire bar service does not mean saving the wages of the beasts and letting the different glasses. The new method is the alcoholic or non-alcoholic punch that I'm going to do and then offer a red and white wine to the food. Special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries, champagne or champagne cocktails can be on the menu. Not surprisingly, different types of bottled water have become popular, especially for younger guests.

Expensive ingredients such as filet mignon, foie gras and caviar are missed, while healthy and / or organic options such as chicken, fish and seafood are now the order of the sun. Locally grown seasonal fruits and vegetables are now a major part of the host's offer, as they are much cheaper than imported off-season alternatives.

Full service events are not as popular as before, buffets and strategically placed racks that serve a variety of fine sleeper meals. This not only reduces the amount of cooked food, but also minimizes waiting staff costs, renting tables, tablecloths and napkins, cutlery and pots.

Desserts are always the most popular in the menu, but recently the accent has been placed on fresh fruit options and tiny, unique sweet bites, unlike the rather older full-size bargains like a full cream cake, a large amount of chocolate foam or a huge sliced ​​cake. It is well-known that most people have only one or two canals of each dessert and the remainder remains on the plate, so bite size offers a much more economical and less profitable.

Cakes are always lighter than dinners when we compare the same menu to both events. The number of daily celebrations is increasing and one of the reasons is that it is a natural limitation of guests' numbers; and not so much that many people drank in the middle of the day, so that alcohol consumption is reduced to a minimum.

What if these latest trends in hospitality do not attract you or do you want to organize? Simple – rent the most popular restaurant in your area!

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