What happened to customer service?

My humble opinion is that the number one question a company needs to take care of is customer service. But you can see more and more sales have priority over your customers' happiness. Below are some examples of bad service – how would the company handle these circumstances?

I've got the Staples case from our online store and they have a given delivery deadline delivered by their lorry company. The promised day came and did not call me to let me know it was late. The truck company had a very specific route to my business, I had a phone number and sat all day waiting for them to appear. Even though Staples used a local delivery service that was less than 50 miles from my business, and not just the right address, but also detailed instructions and located at the corner of a main street. find the shipping address (have you ever heard of Map Quest?). And they did not try to ask for further clarification. About six o'clock I called the Staples and they told them they would be delivered the next day. Do not you think I should be on top of the list next day? It was not so – at 19:00, after waiting for a whole day, finally the delivery was completed. I offered a $ 50 gift voucher and sent it for my worries, but I lost two days of work (as a consultant my job is seldom in my office) and I will never order it from Staples again.

My husband ordered a special ink for digital art supplies online through their online store. It's a company he's been dealing with, and he did not expect anything. The ink came in time, but when it opened a cartridge a few days later, the plastic bag wiped out its entire contents. He called digital arts props, and the first person he spoke said he had no problem, he would be replaced immediately and he would pick up the damaged tape. A few hours later, a second person was recalled (Dave) and informed us that the only way to deal with the exchange would be to wait until he gets the damaged cartridge before sending out a new or new charger, expecting the credit to be issued when they receive it the injured. And if you do not want to pay for the cartridge, the cartridge will be shipped with earth-based service from California (according to our experience, the expected delivery time is 10-14 days from the date of delivery). This order was sold for more than $ 600, so it was sent, which is clearly from the look of the box, a product that a former customer has returned and in his own words that such a problem has arisen before this type of cartridge. Of course, he was blamed for Epson's paintings, which was a drop of consignment, but the bundle had their bills and their contacts. I think Epson stores every stationer's store in the factory. I do not think – why do you lie to Dave? After explaining that you were commissioned to fill in and could not use the ink, delayed the order, and agreed to pay extra shipping fees, you will still be waiting for the damaged cartridge in your hand or a new cartridge before payment, and wait for the issue of credit – though the solution was a good customer service example. That's why I asked him to talk to the clerk, and after several hours of waiting, he returned the same lazy solution. My husband finished sending the back cartridge at her own expense and sent a new order from another merchant (New York B & H Photo) that was shipped on the order day and will be delivered after delivery. So let's wait for the loan to be issued. You will never again deal with digital art supplies.

And what about UPS? This is the question for people who set up policies at the company. Every day I watch their brown trucks go up and down the street several times, but if we have a parcel on our truck that's what it's all about, they will not stop for a few minutes and take delivery. Rather, they act like rats, which I go several times in a cage, and finally our package is transported between 17:00 and 07:00, sometimes at 9:00. Now I know that shipping priorities depend on the level of service you choose, though it seems that gas costs are no longer saving money by transporting them this way. Does that make sense to anyone?

And about deliveries – for anyone who provides a delivery service or provides a service where a person's business or home comes, do you think they are sitting all day waiting to be shown? Here's a unique idea – you'll give your customers a certain time or range within two or three hours when it's there and in time. They will be appreciated and you will be happy customers, not angry.

We all have a busy life, and there is nothing more frustrating when you waste the time to solve the problem. Errors may occur – if your company is less than fully satisfied with the customer, it is the best way for our client to find the best solution for them, even if they are in the money. The biggest advertising budget is not only for a dissatisfied client. And a satisfied customer is worth gold.

And for you, customers who feel that they have been tired or disappointed talk to both the words and the pocketbook. Report inadequate online businesses to many organizations that track these stores – Yahoo, Amazon, eBay, Alexa and Pay Pal are just a few. Start writing a blog about your experiences. Tell your friends and business colleagues. It does not matter that only a few cents or a lot of dollars, customer service only improves when bull takes horns. One of two things will happen – or the supplier will respond to the bad press or rumor and the resulting loss of sales or business. Keep silent and continue with "normal operating procedures". And refuses to deal with businesses that are not behind the products and services and do not respect the precious time.

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