What is a good customer-focused attitude in the customer service person?

The customer service and the Company's results are managed by the professional customer service. How well they perform in contact with customers depends on a number of factors. Training will have an impact on their knowledge, skills and motivation. One of the strongest influences of performance with the customer will be his attitude.

If you build a customer service or customer service team, it's important to have RIGHT attitudes, values, and beliefs. We all recognize bad behavior, someone who thinks customers are stupid or annoying, or someone who hates his job or the Society. These types of attitudes ensure that these Customer Service people guarantee their customers a very bad experience.

Determining the attitude of the IDEAL Customer Service is important to realize this ideal behavior in ourselves and in our teams. The Assertive Customer Service Team

The Assertive Customer Service Team

In the Customer Service, the ASSERTIVE Zone is one of mutual respect, a positive, respectful attitude towards the Customer, the Company and themselves. This is comparable to –

o aggressive attitude, trying to put the other person down

o A humble attitude, a weaker feeling, and other people

o Defensive behavior, we feel weak but we are protecting the bond to protect this weakness.

The Customer Service team at Assertiveness is a quiet trust and useful competence zone that customers will love and trust. Customer-Oriented

Identifying the right Customer Focus for ourselves or for our team, we'll look at the place where we do not want to. We compare the three types of attitudes typical of Customer Service teams –

1. Poor customer focus

2. Too much integration

3. Positive customer focus – the ideal.

1. Poor customer focus

Features of poor customer focus –

o Think about customers negatively

o Think about your own feelings and interests before the Company or the Customer

Do you think you know better and you know the client needs it

o is uncomfortable with getting in touch with new people or with different types of people

o Not willing to handle complaints or special requests

o Not watching customers well and not answering anything

o defensive and defective customer

o Party of difficult situations and people and can react with aggression. They can say they can not handle such people. Too much integration into the center

Overcapacity of customers –

o responds too much to customers' needs

o Negative about the Company, organization, products and services

o is too willing to change the established processes and schedules to respond to unjustified customer needs

o Exceeds too many exceptions and does not constitute consistent policies, practices and processes for others to learn and follow

o Do not look for other feasible opportunities to solve customer problems and make mistakes

o Genuine difficulty in complaint handling

o Has long, ineffective interactions and difficulties in the track

o pages with too many clients

3. Positive customer focus – the ideal

Features of a RIGHT Customer-Focused Person –

o Want to serve customers, collaborate with them to deliver good results for every customer wherever possible

o believe in the Company and in our products / services. We have some valuable offer

o believes that every client and every situation is worth the effort and skills

o Shows sensitivity and empathy for customers

o development and continuous improvement of construction skills

o respond to customer feedback and improvements

o Positive challenge for scary customers to demonstrate the high standards of their skills

o Experience their experiences, constantly striving for / better

o are interested in the job. They talk about it, share their experience with others, and learn from others' experiences

o Always try to take the extra mile, which occasionally takes risks for customers

o Working as a team to continuously improve the level of service they provide

o Great Success in Success

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