What is good customer service? General misconceptions of good and bad customer service

On an average day, most people deal with a customer service representative five times on a single occasion. Some customer service experiences are rated as "good", while others are called "bad". If someone experiences what they consider to be a good customer service, they usually only fall on their day, as if nothing had happened at all. If the same person experiences bad customer service, he will not hesitate to tell anyone who is listening. Typically, I ignore two important factors: Does anyone really know what good customer service is?

For ten years as a customer service representative and leader in several industries who were not happy with me. And to be absolutely honest, very few people had reason to be nervous. They were ready to fight. Past experience can reduce expectations

In some cases, earlier examples of really poor customer service may leave their taste poorly in relation to customer service representatives and prompt them to continue the attack from the moment they are that someone gets by phone. I give you an example: I joined a gym years ago and signed up for some personal workouts. After a while I found that the sessions were too expensive and they really did not have much time to attend, so I decided to resign. I used at least one hour from my original salesman, manager, and executive director to finally fix it and still have to pay. They tried to convince me to report to a cheaper plan, postpone my work session instead of resigning, and even lose time from work to provide more time for the sessions. Absurd.

A few months ago, I found myself in a similar situation with another gym. Trainer sessions will not make the money and eventually contradict other things I've been doing. I called the gym, I was in a bad mood because I was waiting for a fight I needed to talk to. To my surprise, the first person I talked to, simply shed the seats, did not ask. Here I caught myself, pumped it up, and I was ready for the first person who was having difficulty with my resignation and it turned out to be one of my most enjoyable customer service experiences.


However, many times a customer views bad customer service is not really bad at all, just their perception of their situation. The furniture industry is a classic example of a customer's misguided idea of ​​what customer service can actually lead to deciding they have "bad customer service".

When I was working in the furniture industry, I often met people who screamed, shouted and even insulted me through a clearly written policy. For example, furniture shipments usually receive a four-hour time window where drivers arrive. This is an industry standard, simply because everybody's home is different, so there's no point in saying how long it takes for each carriage to run until the drivers reach it. Deliveries geographically allow drivers to get as many stops as possible so the exact time is not guaranteed. The concept of delivery deadlines and the way in which they were scheduled were known to every customer when they bought the furniture and again when the delivery was planned. Of course, for some customers this was simply not good enough. Despite the fact that they were mentioned before, and attached the sales receipt to their written delivery policy, somehow they found that they differed from all other buyers and could choose the delivery deadline. While we were open to the idea of ​​trying to accommodate them, it was often impossible when the trucks were already loaded. These phone calls typically ended up with "bad customer service", "I will never buy people with you," "it's not working," or my favorite. "I'll tell all my friends not to buy here." General Misunderstanding

There are two general misconceptions about what the customer service really is. The first is that the task of the customer service representative is to do everything the customer says does not ask. This is not entirely true. Customer Service Representative is responsible for providing and assisting clients in any way, but like any other organization, the company has guidelines that our employees must comply with and specific customer rules. Employee inability or refusal to violate rules should never be considered a bad service. In many cases, rules are created to protect the client. In the case of a healthcare retailer, most of the lots are usually non-refundable for hygienic reasons. If you are dealing with products such as toilet seats, shower stalls and bathing utensils, this policy is perfectly understandable. However, despite the fact that this policy has clearly appeared to allow customers to see it before buying an item, it does not stop the alarm alert percentage by experimenting with battery return. Even though they know that the product is redeemable and you would never think to buy such items, it still believes that the retailer must take back the item if he decides he no longer wants to. And if the retailer refuses, the consumer considers it to be "bad customer service".

Another misunderstanding is that the customer service representative is responsible for verbal abuse from the client. This behavior is completely unreasonable and completely sincere and immature. Problems will never be solved by shouting, screaming, or insulting someone at the other end of the phone. 99 percent of the time, the person with whom the client is speaking is not wrong because they are calling for the first time. Whether a customer has a bad day or a bad experience at a company does not challenge them to get the frustrations of the first person to pick up the phone. I found myself hanging up a number of times because they crossed the line and personally injured because they were not happy with the company. Customer Service Tips

So, what is a good customer service? Good customer service includes many things that combine the ideal customer service experience.

  • first Clear, Precise Explanations: The unpleasant customer is typically not an informed customer. For a furniture manufacturing company, the client must be able to explain the operation of the delivery process thoroughly. Never assume that the customer already knows. If you can not do something for a client because there is a rule in place, you must clearly explain to them why you can not do it. For a credit card company, the representative must explain to the client that the account management regulation is aimed at protecting the cardholder and the credit card company against fraud.
  • 2nd Calm, polite behavior: If the customer service representative does not ring over the phone or simply does not like the people, then he has to find another job. As a Member sounds like talking to a customer, he has a direct influence on how the customer returns. A good customer service representative treats clients with respect only when they give permission and NEVER raise their voice. A customer service representative should never try to talk to the customer or raise their voice when the customer becomes louder. No matter who appears to be shouting a match between a buyer and a representative, the customer service loses it by getting stuck.
  • 3rd Careful attention must be paid (please describe if necessary): The worst thing a customer service representative can do is not pay particular attention to the customer on the phone. It is important to remove all interfering factors and listen carefully to the customer, if necessary, write notes. A good customer service representative does not have to ask multiple questions at a time.
  • 4th Under the promise, overcrowding: This is an old saying, but it always awakens in the world of customer service. Much of the customer's overall experience is the expected expectations. If the situation requires the customer service representative to call back the client, it is important to leave enough time to recall the call. A good representative will never exceed the time he promised to recall the customer and will always give more to himself. The same applies where goods are delivered to the customer; if the transit time is typically 3-4 days, summon the customer for 4-6 days. If the product arrives sooner then the customer will be happier and experience "good customer service".
  • 5th Clearly Established Policies: This is especially important for web merchants. If a product can not be redeemed, it is the retailer's duty to publish it in a place that the customer can purchase and view.

The relationship between customers and customers is particularly tricky, especially for defining good customer service and defining bad customer service. Most importantly, both parties are still patient and keep in mind that they are equally in need of each other in order to reach the overall goal: a good customer service experience.

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