What is the control?

Management differs from leadership but is equally important. In order to understand the nature of management, we need to make it clear that this is different from leadership. The first step to answering the question is "What is governance?" to understand the core tasks of all organizations. Like any other species, the organization needs to ensure immediate business survival, but also needs development to ensure it is able to cope with environmental changes and the activities of competing species.

Management is the function of implementing today's business. Leadership is an evolutionary mechanism that changes organizations in the future world. If a species or an animal encounters an obstacle, changes will occur and new forms will be selected from these variants. Management is a risk-type activity that explores new boundaries and promotes behavior. It follows that in a stable environment, good farming is all that is necessary for prosperity; In this context, there is no need for leadership.

This picture is not so popular where leadership means the most important dog in the group, regardless of what's happening in the environment. Furthermore, since the end of the 1970s, the management has been in the waste collection collection after the initial wave of Japanese commercial success. We wanted a scapegoat because we could not compete with the Japanese, and management had to get this role. Jack Welsh, Tom Peters, and other gurus called for more leadership and leadership, which they saw as innovation. The reality was that the lack of competition resulted in persistent behavior and inadequate leadership. That was the way that leadership was practiced, this was the problem, it has nothing to do with the management function. We needed simplicity to handle a new reality.

Because nature is hierarchical and prone to worshiping heroes, we tend to be the leader of our group. However, complexity requires qualifications and managers need to carry out more tasks that depend on the individual needs of their situation. If their main function is to maintain quality, low cost and good customer service, while encouraging employees to meet their potential, they are managing and failing to lead

. Managers have the resources to invest – their own time and talent as well as human and financial resources. The goal or function of the management is to reach the best possible return on the resources efficiently. This does not mean that it is mechanical. The manager's style is a contextual question. With highly trained and self-conscious employees, the manager can be very strong. If the workforce is less trained or motivated, the leader may need to monitor the output more closely. If you say that management is a function rather than a person or role, we will take more into account self-directed workgroups where no one is responsible. Managemenet simply uses all the resources, even if we handle it ourselves. Therefore, leadership does not necessarily have a dictatorial supervisor. Qualified managers know how to train and motivate different staff. Getting things done by people is what they are doing

Management's goal is to achieve a successful result in commercial organizations in line with and customer expectations. Not only drivers can be inspirational. Inspiring leaders are driving us to change direction, while leaders inspire us to work harder.

Management plays a vital role in the complexity of modern organizational life. The need to harmonize the involvement of so many different stakeholders, experts and customers requires enormous patience and advanced promotion skills. Excellent leaders know how to bring the right people together and ask the best solutions by asking the right questions. Facilitation requires managers to work closely with all stakeholders.

In contrast, the driver may be a bit offensive. Like Martin Luther King, Jr., the desegregation of buses from the US government on the sidelines, the leader may encourage people not to change even if they do not have direct involvement or empowerment over the people they need to act. [19659002] do not just continue the ongoing operations. They also handle complex projects such as making a modern movie or placing the first person on the moon. The management should only sell the tickets for the journey or resell it regularly if resistance is established but driving directs the bus to the destination

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