What makes Rheninghaus Slicer a Rheninghaus?

The Rheninghaus brand was founded in 1950 and recognized worldwide in the hospitality industry. Wide choice for different applications. Example; frozen meats and fresh, slices of different meat texture and slicers for cheeses. When hosts and butchers hear the name Rheninghaus, it resembles quality and reliability. If you are in a slicing market, you should consider investing in the Rheninghaus Slicer. It can only bring great added value to your business and contribute to efficient productivity.

A number of butcher and catering companies confirm that a good quality meat grinder makes every difference in its business. This is because Rheninghaus produces slicers for wide slicing. After all, you need a slicer that is reliable and able to slices something automatically, especially if it contains a lot of things. For example, every butcher has a daily piece of meat that has to be sliced. A distinct feature of the Rheninghaus slicer is that it can set its function to automatically cut the bulk meat. So you can do more and you can do other things while the slicer is tempted. You heard it, this machine slices meat itself.

Rheninghaus slicers are made not only for meat slicing. It can also be used for pressing. The range of slicers is Teflon coated, which saves your dream. The teflon coated surface prevents the cheese from sticking to it. Therefore, the use of commercial kitchen equipment is easy to use

If you need a multifunctional slicer, which includes bread, processed meat, parma ham and many other slice, you can choose the Rheninghaus Multifunction Slicer. This slicing machine has a motor that is located under the knife that provides a larger moving area and allows for larger cuts.

Certain slicers are equipped with stainless steel bearings that extend the life of the knife drive and provide smooth operation with slicing. It also has a secure blade removal tool that is ideal for safe and easy cleaning. You will also find that some slicers are manufactured with a built-in blade design. If the slicing blade needs to be armed, it can be suitably armed.

Quality, durability, performance and efficiency; this makes the Rheninghaus slicer to a Rheninghaus

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