What you need to start a restaurant

We all know that we need to find a good place to start a restaurant in an existing building or in a good location when we build a restaurant. You must also determine whether to rent or buy a restaurant. The determining factor for the size of a restaurant is the amount of money you need to work on remodeling or building when it shows the start of the restaurant.

When designing a restaurant, there are certain areas that need to be inserted into the layout.

Customer Service Area – This area near the entrance is comprised of:

1. The hostess station, which is usually a small area where a podium where the hostess will stand to greet customers when they come to the door. There is an area where menus and booking lists can be stored.

2nd Cashier's station, cash register and credit or debit card machine. Usually toothpicks and some kind of mint are here, free of charge for the customer.

3rd A seating area with comfortable seating for customers who may have to wait for a table.

Kitchen Surface – This is an important project in your restaurant and where every dish is ready, cooked, baked and where food is stored, washed and drained. In fact, this area does not have to be large if it is arranged in the right order. Servers must display the order at one end of a set of assembly lines and complete the completed order at the other end.

Four Main Areas of Restaurant Cuisine:

1. Cold preparation area – Preparation of appetizers, salads and desserts. A counter and several shelves are used to make equipment, dishes, pots, spices and other essential ingredients to prepare food. To do this, enough space is needed to start the restaurant.

2nd Cooking Station – This area is used by cooks or chefs. Preparing tables, steam desks, ovens, cookware, oven, oven, small preparation tables, freezers, ice tanks, broilers, exhaust fans, etc. Installed refrigerators include chefs or chefs. This is an important aspect when planning a restaurant planning.

3rd Sink Area – You do not want this area too far from the cooking area, making large pots and pans easy to access. Two separate sinks are needed to wash and clean the dishwasher too large. You will also need a dishwasher for pots, glasses, pots and all other utensils that fit into the dishwasher.

4th The food storage area – It should be cool for a big walk and have a big walk in the freezer, a scale, a table, a chamber of canned and dry goods, shelves in the freezer, pantry and cooler. Small room for clean and dirty linen. When you start planning your restaurant, you have to make sure that the rooms are large enough to store what you will need for restaurants of design size.

Office Space – This area would be for a desk, document cabinet, computer, telephones and all office and business equipment.

Pause Room – This is an area where your employees can place their personal belongings and an area where they can have a break.

Dining Room – You need to calculate about 12 square feet of server per server when planning a restaurant. You can choose tables, booths or both for a combination of customers. You will probably be able to choose which seating to choose when you plan to start your restaurant.

Public Dishwashers – You must equip at least one toilet for customers, most of them have a man and one for women. Make sure it is ADA-compliant and well ventilated. Choose the easy-to-clean design. Wash basins always with paper towels and toilet paper.

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