White Kitchenaid Mixer – Why is it so popular?

After working for a number of years as a main line of major restaurants, I decided to attend the culinary school to become a real cook. In the culinary school, you need the kind of restaurant-grade tools you can use in your home. The first purchased instrument was the Kitchenaid 5 quart mixer. Each culinary school has dozens of dozens of white Kitchenaid mixers, and that was the type of stand mixer I always used in restaurants. Why did they use the same machine, so did I start to guess?

Since 1919, Kitchenaid has built mixers for professionals, but after a while, home cooks also demanded them. The durable design and easy-to-use features have made it possible for anyone to make rich breads, cakes, pastries, cakes and salty foods as well as the pros. Over the years, the Kitchenaid 5 liter mixer has become a standard mixer for the restaurant industry. Of course, restaurants and bakeries use particularly large mixers, but smooth deserts, tiny batches and fresh whiskey, a restaurant relies on the white Kitchenaid mixer on the counter. So why are whites? The hostels bought only one color – white. It is said that if the flour is in the white mixer, it does not appear and that is true. However, rather the restaurant supply houses wanted to hold only one-color stock to make the kit lighter. You can now purchase the Kitchenaid 5 quart mixer in almost any color that you want to fit into your kitchen, but professionals are still mostly whites.

Why is this a five-chamber? Since it was the largest kitchen utensil during the day, most of the recipes used in kitchen kitchens were designed for a Kitchenaid 5 quart mixer

Most importantly, professionals use the white Kitchenaid mixer because they are reliable, work well, and one of the widest equipment in the kitchen . With its large 450-watt motor, the small white Kitchenaid mixer at the grocery store at its favorite restaurant is invaluable for professional chefs, but also for home cooks. The powerful engine also drives a power driver that allows a wide range of pasta makers and ice cream makers, and even food and cereal mills, to be placed on it.

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