Why can you handle the risk?

A good risk management plan for cheaper insurance premiums and better business for your business.

The reason for the insurance is that they take over the risk of loss to the insurer with a policy of insurance against a regular fee.

What affects the premium?

– history of claims

– Risk Management Practices

Identifying potential dangers in your business and creating an action plan to protect your business against such hazards will minimize risk

. that you are less likely to suffer a serious loss in your business and this will allow the insurer to offer you a better offer.

Business risks generally fall into 3 chapters:

1. Health and safety

Health and safety are constantly changing and evolving. This practice guarantees that the workers have them;

– Safe workplace

– Safe working

– Safe operation and equipment

– Safe Access to Work and Work

Top 5 Health and Safety Hazards

1. Slips, Excursions and Fall

2. Handling injuries

3. Falling from a height

4. Plants and equipment injuries

5. Falling objects

2. Interrupting ownership and business

Always remember that your buildings, equipment, and supplies must be covered just like the workforce.

Consider risk factors;

– Workplace

– Workflow

– Location of the property

– Security of buildings and how attractive the intruders

Business interruption

This collateral provides;

– Loss of Profit

– increased labor costs

– Or if you lose your property as a result of a huge fire

Top 5 Property and business interruption risks

1. Fire and smoke loss

2. Security and theft

3. Flood and storm damage

4. Burning or electrical damage

5. Business Loss for Big Loss

3. Road Safety Risks

Where are the risks?

– An accident involving a driver's delay in transportation must also leave the job.

– Installation items can be destroyed in an accident

– If the driver has transported hazardous materials and can cause serious environmental damage

– Bad driving can also pose a risk to the company if the company's logo appears on the vehicle. Poor leadership

2. Weak and unprofessional maintenance on vehicles

3. Insecure use of mobile phones

4. Speed ​​and inexperienced drivers

5. Unrealistic Delivery Times

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