Why is customer service in the restaurant industry important?

Meeting Customer Satisfaction

If you give the best customer service, you should be able to think too much. In order for your restaurant to be renamed, you need to provide outstanding customer service.

Here's an excerpt from my book, an exercise to find out in your right mind to get a clear picture of what you have to do.


Trying to understand customers' perception of money for money, think of a place you buy regularly: not the supermarket or somewhere, Think of a special place that might have left your visit or something buy specials or eat and drink, even in a favorite cafe where you just meditate because you feel you are looking for something special. 19659002] Think about when you are shopping there and ask yourself the following questions:

What does this make Why did I come here and not an alternative? What kind of added value to me? And would I suggest a friend to come here?

Now write down your answers to these questions, do it now before you can read it. 19659002] Hopefully, you will see these responses as you feel about the money

The next log you have to write how you think they can give more value without adding their costs to their products or services. You have to do it again before you continue reading and give yourself about 2 minutes to find ideas.

What did you find? Do you have ideas that you can use in your business? Can you imagine how to increase your experience? Would you suggest these ideas without asking?

The purpose of this exercise is to put your customer's shoes in order to feel emotions from customers. How you handle yourself as your customers and what you get from your visit gives you some idea of ​​what your customers are looking for you.

Small gestures can give a lot of extra energy to the message sent to them. Similarly, in dozens of ways, you can improve the quality of your clients' visits to give them a lot of emotional experience. Hopefully, you'll begin to see how you can improve your customers' experience. "]

This practice could be a look at the mind of a satisfied customer if you have any difficulties with accomplishing this practice, you personally visit the special site, your experience and emotions, fill out a detail about what you might do,

Finally, review your customer service and see how it fits in.


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