Wise marketing of your restaurant budgets (Part 2)

In my article I told marketing strategies that did not work when I got the restaurant. (My energy and my willingness to try to get the job outdated my marketing experience – it has caused me a lot of losses).

Now let me tell you about the changes that have been lost after the strategies have been followed, that these changes have been taken to the restaurant.

My first step was to look for a new coupon service. By the way, I firmly believe in coupons as a tool to bring new people to the restaurant as it is highly measurable. You can only collect the coupons that visitors place in their place and immediately know exactly how many new people have visited for the coupon bid. This will allow you to measure whether your investment in the coupon program is worth it.

The problem that I was in my previous coupon code was not the coupon offered to them, but the audience they targeted. the restaurant was a medieval and supreme Italian place, and the coupon company aimed at unfavorable hunters who were interested in saving some of their food as a good dining experience.

It's enough to say that the other two of the coupon packed restaurants were a sandwich and pizza salon! (Not that these restaurants have no place, I've been trying to target those who are interested in higher caliber experience.)

As you can imagine, these were not clients I tried to attract. They usually consumed the cheapest pot, drinking just enough drinking water – and then using the coupon to get the discount (we will not go back until we get the next coupon).

Not very exciting

Coupons can work at some facilities; if you have a fast-food, where large quantities are higher than the quality of your food, they can be effective. But it certainly did not work for us – a small place where people spend 2-3 hours during dinner.

So after some research I found a company that did exactly what she was looking for. They could target the client lookouts we want to bring.

The name of the company is RSVP. They target middle and upper-class homeowners (have their own special correspondent database). RSVP includes beautiful, professionally crafted card packages that feature 4 x 6 high-performance color paper postcards that impress these markets.

Correspondence was scheduled quarterly, and every time the correspondence went away, we saw hundreds of people having our restaurant with postcards / coupons. And not only this, we made a nice profit – even after the discount (we offered 15% discount).

We just saw that this system worked!

Otherwise, I would like to mention here that it's cheaper to offer a percentage percentage bid instead of a discount for a free item as a new customer. This is because if the total discount is equal to a high dollar amount, this means that you have spent a lot of money and are still benefiting (as your servers are, as tips are usually added to your discount).

the discount is also easier to handle; instead of addressing the conditions of using free elements (such as variables, such as whether it includes the expensive specialty of the day, including the salad order?)

What is a good percentage discount? The answer depends on how much you get from each customer.

You need to make the numbers, but you must get a profit margin of at least 25% for each customer. So even if you have a 15% discount, however, each coupon-paying visitor must have a profit of at least 10%.

You may not look a lot, but remember that the idea is not to use these coupons as the only one to fill in:

You must use these coupons to bring new customers those who are so enthusiastic about your experience to become regular customers

. 19659002] So now I've created and ran the coupon system – what is it now?

We still had to include more customers, so did I start thinking about other businesses and industries that would like to target similar types of customers?

I've realized that many other businesses also provide the same income audience as I wanted. So I did this:

I've offered a free meal to my site for owners of these businesses (this strategy is best suited as the creation of personal relationships with these people opens the door of cooperation much faster

I wanted to experience and offer them an agreement that would both be beneficial to them.

When I explained my proposal to them, they could not deny having their business benefited from the existing customers of my offers, all of which were a win / win situation.

So I bought my coupons and made joint ventures with other entrepreneurs – now what? Was that enough?

When I started analyzing my business, je I found that 80% of my customers were transferred through passers-by or walking (because they saw the restaurant and liked it) 19659002] I thought, "Talk about marketing dollars – thousands of Yellow Pages, Newspapers and Magazines "There was no point in thinking I was redirecting my efforts to create an official reporting system that could produce ten times as many people as ten times more quality people than any other advertiser in the advertisements."

advertisement with which you are looking for money?

Referrals are probably the most powerful weapons I've been in my marketing arsenal, and I have not used this strategy.

Of course, there was probably an informal referral system where happy customers would recommend it to their family and friends in the restaurant. But what I needed to create a formal, directed retrieval system.

Think about it: this marketing technique can be a cost effective and efficient system. The five most preferred benefits are using a formal reference system marketing strategy:

1. Very cheap to implement.

2. Creates quality people who become clients (does not they?).

3. It provides instant credibility (people trust their friends and colleagues much more than any brochure, flyer, or advertisement that you can design).

4. They fill up the restaurant with people who know other people, so they often come across their business more often, hoping to meet their friends, colleagues, acquaintances, and so on.

5. This means people are talking about their location and are therefore fresh in their minds.

(Again in my seminar, I'm telling you how to implement a formal referral system that brings a lot of new and profitable customers.)

From the marketing knowledge I gained the IT industry, knowing that there are only three ways to increase my business: [19659002] first Increase the number of customers who are coming to my business.

2. Increase your money spent on your visit.

3. Increase the frequency of visits (how many times a month do you eat at my place per month / year).

Attracting new customers is just one of the three options you need to increase your business as a restaurant owner (and not even the best).

I realized that if I really wanted to grow my business, I had to work three methods. So I would exponentially increase my profits.

So I did this and the results were wonderful. I will discuss the other two ways of increasing restaurant activity in upcoming newsletters.

I hope this information was useful to you.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any feedback or questions. ] Happy Sailing,

Jose L Riesco

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